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The Wacky Adventures of Levi
16th Apr 2006 - 12th May 2006
NEW ZEALAND... and a beard contest

Hello friends... it's been awhile since my last entry, as i've been quite busy in New Zealand.

Since arriving 3 or 4 weeks ago, i've:

skydiven, swam through caves, hiked up a glacier, hiked up a volcano, gone surfing, done some downhill luging (different than the luging we've heard of), played a ton of frisbee, and visited a few of the local drinkeries. I met up with an old friend from Regina, Nathan Jesse. And a new friend from Regina, that for some reason i had never met before coming the New Zealand, Crystal Wheeler.

Nathan and I didn't shave the entire time we were in New Zealand, and by the end of our little friendly competition, we were pretty much the sexiest things to hit this country since... since .... i got nothing.

We've had a friggin' blast, met a ton of people (mostly british), but now the New Zealand adventure has come to an end. I'll be heading back to Australia in a few days, then after OZ, i'm off to Malaysia for a month or so. Might take in Thailand if i have the time.

Anyhew, the pictures will tell a better story than i ever could, so i hope you enjoy.

I'm the L-factor

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Diary Photos

Easter supper



Beard-off 2006 - day 2

Haulin' ass

Big bottle of soda-pop


Doing the Haka


About to jump out of a plane

Parachute opened

Safe back on earth

Beard-off 2006 - day 5 or 6


Volcano hike

Just sexy as hell

New Zealand Parliament

Shaggin some of the locals

Old McDonald's Farm

Makin' a knife

Beard-off 2006 - Day 10 or so

Mmmm, sexier every day

Thumbs up for glaciers!

Pondering life on a glacier

Humpin' a glacier

The 45th parallel!!!

It's good to be Levi

Beaver Licker???

Beard-off 2006 - day 18 - Finals

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