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The Wacky Adventures of Levi
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Toby (31st May 2006)
Unlike Cam "the bitch" McDougall, I do not hope that you choke in your sleep, Levi, you should cut him when you're back! Anyhew, I heard that you had a little panic about your wallet, calling your father at 2am to inform him it had been stolen, only to e-mail him the next day and tell him you'd found it. Well the lucky thing is that now you're heading up to Asia where the shims are cheap - just the way you like it - hope you don't mind shitting over a hole in the ground - enjoy!
Cam "the bitch" McDougall (15th May 2006)
Fuck your face
I hope you choke in your sleep.
bye sweetie
Toby (7th May 2006)
Are you still alive
Are you still alive Levi? Haven't heard anything in a while, if you need bailing out, let one of us know and we'll have a whip round for you!
Skelly (25th Apr 2006)
Change your shorts...
Pilon...did you only take one outfit with you? You must be rather rank, particularly after the night out in hookerville...take care. sk
Andrea (19th Apr 2006)
Yes levi, it does count as "truly retarded" but also as "totally expected"
L-factor (8th Apr 2006)
Reply to Paul
Does photocopying my ass and leaving it on my boss's desk on my last day of work count as "truly retarded"?
Paul Mitchell (7th Apr 2006)
Still alive?
Well buddy, i hope you're alright we haven't heard from you in a while... i hope you didn't let one of those scrawny kangaroos take you down. If indeed you are still alive, happy brthday! Im sure that right now you're recuperating from an overseas hangover so i just want to remind you... whatever you do never makes it back here so don't be afraid to do something truly retarded just for fun...could be memorable. See ya when you get back,
Andrea (7th Apr 2006)
Birthday fun
Hey buddy!! Hope you had a great day for the big 2-3. Of course you were missing us but must've tipped a few back.P.s. I noticed you didnt view my precious little ecard yet.Get on it!
Toby (6th Apr 2006)
Happy birthday
Happy birthday mate!
Hope you had a great day, enjoyed tonnes of beer and loads of fun! I'll drink a beer for you tonight!
L-Factor (21st Mar 2006)
I'm a good person
Toby, I do apologize for the lack of stories revolving around getting drunk, but... well, I've simply found something much more satisfying than killing braincells... I've found God, and in return, he helped me find MYSELF.

However, if you really think bringing home the clap is what makes you a man, then I'm sure I can always take the long way home from Australia, and stop in at jolly ol' London to see if your sister's up for a filthy shag. What am I saying??? When ISN'T she up for it!