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Dora The Explorer
1st Jan 2008 - 18th Jan 2008
Happy New Year 2008

Happy New Year 2008 – Hope it goes as well as its started! So now I get to sit down and write my blog as the last few weeks have been absolutely manic. After my well earned rest back in the UK the festive period here has been running at 90% occupancy so we have been working our little socks off. Seems that these days everyone jets off to warmer climes for Christmas & New Year trying to avoid the winter blues? We’ve had famous DJ’s, underwear designers, politicians, TV producers & billionaires staying with us at Fesdu. The dive school has been running at full capacity so the boat has been very busy and Louise has been developing gills & scales. It’s only now as we are getting quieter that I am having a few days off. New Years Eve was fantastic as some one of my divers were the cabaret for the evening. 

DJ Rasmus Faber (Swedish) / Thomas Eby (drums / bongo’s) & Melo (vocals) were bought over to play on the island, they were great and I could have almost have been in Ibiza lol! Our resident nightclub ’15 below’ hosted the after hours party and amongst fireworks, wigs & party hats, champagne, chocolate marshmallow fountains & fondue we partied till my legs were sore then carried myself off to bed. Unlucky for me I had drawn the short straw (literally) the previous night and I was the one designated to dive the next day much to the amusements of the others knocking back shots. Yes we all asked ‘who on earth is mad enough to want to dive New Years Day at 9am and more importantly who took the booking?’

Luckily for me they came to their senses and cancelled – I went back to bed for a few hours. You could have heard a pin drop on the resort for the rest of the day. So my new year’s resolution didn’t involve abstinence of alcohol as I continued to party with the Swedes & burning the candle at both ends until they left a few days ago. I should have remembered after years with Magnus that they like to drink - detox is in order I think…. The gods must have been looking down on me as a day later a group of us went down with sickness & diarrhoea….lovely. Reckon that would be a best seller in Boots. 

So Louise what are your new year’s resolutions? To get fit again, to develop my photography, to get into shark infested water and to get back to the UK by Autumn - Christmas back in Wales me thinks. There are a few interesting things on the agenda for the summer but I need 100 % confirmation before I divulge them to you guys but watch this space. Hope you’re all well and looking forward to what the New Year Brings bar the credit card bills & biting cold weather!

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Diary Photos

My lunch today

Grace dancing

Serge going for the champagne

Louise & Naeem -Down Under Boat Crew

Warming up as even 5mm isnt that thick

Mohammed - Louise- Naeem

New Years Eve 'W'

New Years Eve 'W'

New Years Eve 'W'

Louise & Mohammed- Down Under Boat Crew

The Spanish Guests

Spanish & Fish


Husny Spearing a crab

Gaathafushi Island

Whale Shark

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