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Jerome (3rd Dec 2017)
Hello, Our dream boat is a HC48T, the day you want to sell your boat. Feel free to let us know. We are in Tahiti and also travel to Florida every 6 month - Rgds, Jerome
Steve Flood (29th Nov 2017)
Met at Honda
It was great to meet you at honda today Steve. Your tales of adventure certainly made my day. My wife would be bidding on a boat right now had she been here to listen.....
sail safe, Life is about experiences, and you and your wife certainly have an encyclopedia of experiences.

I have been very fortunate to have enjoyed many experiences, and your adventures remind me of the importance of experiencing all that life has to offer.
By (14th Sep 2017)
Got a bunch of pictures from SBH I would like to show you, my old home got hit really hard. Which e mail address shall I use?

Bill (Paul) and Susan (24th May 2017)
We were thinking about you guys, and I said I'd just look on line and see what I could find out...
You're off and 'zooming' again!!! We, of course, continue to feed cows. I'm going to keep a closer eye on you 2. Enjoy!
In June Crinan and Susan are off to Scotland, and then in the fall we'll all be in Nuevo Vallarta. Til later, Susan
Sonia (23rd May 2017)
Great Pacific Garbage Patch???
So I hate to bring up the nasty stuff, but I've been researching plastic pollution in the ocean. Have you seen any? I suppose you haven't gone through the gyre that appears to be quite a mess.

Sail on!

Good day!
Sam & Marcia Haynes (2nd May 2017)
Lili's Brother (2)
Meant to leave our email address -

Sam and Marcia Haynes (24th Apr 2017)
Lili's Brother
Hi guys, most fantastic event just happened. Dale sent Marcia (Holmes at work) and I your Sailing Blog. Marcia has worked with Dale for years and in recent conversation found out that we sail as well. We have a few more years (8-9)before we retire but plan on doing so on our next Blue Water S/V in the Caribbean. We are excited to start reading your blog and understand the beauty you've experienced as well as the trials. Fair winds and following seas, Sam and Marcia Haynes
Howard Koenig/Naples, FL (21st Apr 2017)
Welcome Back!
I'm glad you, Lili and the Liward are back sailing the Pacific waters and relaying your exploits back to us landluvers.
Kent in So CA (21st Apr 2017)
Ok...enough with this doing what you want....
Ok, enough with this doing what you want! You have us peeps to think about!
So glad to see this post...I was past concerned. Gettin ready to board a plane from the west coast to do a little search and rescue mission! Of course...there's that pesky little detail that we don't know each other...but hey...I was concerned none the less! I always love the pics and descriptions! Thanks for the update.
Cynthia/Ohio (21st Apr 2017)
You're alive!
OMG You are alive!! Thank you for posting and the photos are gorgeous!!

Cynthia/ on the Great Lakes