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Mahmoud Heidarian
No Photos 14th Aug 2014
Mahmoud Heidarian Vancouver Old Cars - Mahmoud Heidarian Vancouver - is definitely an avid travel blogger using a Bachelor associated with Arts using a specialty inside journalism from your university of British Columbia. He loves to visit to special places, beaches, along with landmarks across the world. He loves encountering distinct cultures, foods, and also mastering new languages. Anyone could visit - Mahmoud Heidarian - along with really feel absolve to drop him any message.first car was a 98 saab 900 nonturbo automatic. key cylinder is in the center console next to the ebrake if you didnt know that about saabs already. In retrospect now that I am somewhat of a car enthusiast, there wasnt much about that car that I liked. pretty boring A to B car. owned it for about 1.5yrs. I wrecked it in a ditch.93 nissan 240sx dual cam manual. Loved the 'beginner drifters car' for its ease of sliding. hated it for its turd of a truck engine and awful understeer when you want to actually take a corner normally. sold it to a friend after the engine started crap out for various reasons. owned it for 7.5 yrs.89 Mercedes 190e 2.3 automatic. bought as a cheap DD for winter. loved the smooth ride and excess comfort features even for an 80s car. loved the reliability that a 275 thousand mile engine still provided. Hated how - - the motors for all the features in the car such as antenna, seat adjust, windows, headrest up/down were all shit and they broke frequently and were not cheap. Hated how it was not the 2.6 manual cosworth but then it wouldnt have been so cheap :D. oddity- it has the center single windshield wiper that wipes in a W pattern. sold it to buy a 'more fun' car. owned it for 1yr.curerntly driving an 89 mazda rx7. The love and the hate for this car is strong. basically love and hate everything about it. The one thing I love completely is the handling. after owning a 240sx, this thing feels like a track monster even with stock suspension. I cannot make this car understeer. owned it for a few months now.First car: 1984 Volvo GLT I absolutely loved this car, all leather interior, electric windows, crank sunroof, the works (in 1984 at least). It was definitely had it quirks as it was older than me. My mother drove it off the lot brand new and put all 190,xxx miles on it. The greatest thing was that it looked like every childs depiction of a car, just a box lol, and was one of the safest cars in the world. Which also leads to its biggest draw back, it weighed in at 2.5 tons (3,000lbs) curb weight which meant even with the turbo it was a bit of a slouch. Finally had to get rid of it because I ran it into a truck in probably - - the only weak point of the car, took his tri-ball trailer hitch right through the radiator and demolished the front core support. Really shitty part was, come to find out they didnt sell well in this country and it had actually become a collectors item :-(.Then there was my 1993 BMW 318is: Still have this baby. Bought it about a year after the Volvo with 150,xxx miles on the clock. she now has over 215,000 and running like a champ. The interior is failing apart or just flat gone, but the mechanics are top notch. I have driven this thing across the entire country (US) 3 times by myself and have speant literally what amounts to days behind the wheel. I dont think I could ever sell her because she has been with me through so much and really at this point is family (my friends joke that they wouldn't know me unless she is lurking somewhere). Probably the funniest/weirdest story with her is how my friend lost the tip of his finger in the window gear. For those of you who dont know these cars have auto-up windows and without the door panel there is a massive gear that moves the window up and down. Long story short he was drunk looking for the door handle near his knee and got his finger caught in it while it was going up, also how I learned this was before they had a "safety" stop.Bonus quirk: Both cars were the same color (sterling silver) and same look, 2 door coupes with a sunroof and manual, what can I say I have a type lol ;-)

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