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Kat & Maike Thailand Tour
15th Apr 2012 - 17th Apr 2012

Ok then Laos... Arrived with the overnight train on the boarder of Laos, while getting our Visa we 
realized all other dudes have a passport photo just the Scottish immigrants obviously didn't see a reason. Good start! Up to Vientiane we meet millions of other back packers who seems to had the same amazing plan going up to Vang Vieng. The back of the Bus got already pretty wasted on the drive, we thot still this is defo a sightseeing event. In Vang Vieng we sourced out the hostel, first one we saw looked alright and  we booked a nite. Up in the room we found our travel pals 'the bugs'. After this hilarious experience in Bangkok we decided to sort another castle out. Got this finally DONE a clean room nice B&B without B's.... ready for a drink. The plan is always having one cocktail and we end up 6 hrs later with a cpl of more...oooooppps! First nite we actually thot WTF is going on here? Pure party town...restaurants where drugs are on the menu...ermm sightseeing? Lol We managed to go the Tubing... and blue Lagoon ..went up a Cave...we are so brave..yeah and had a cpl of more drinks nd parties in the night. After 2 days we thot we are done here and wanted to go to Vietnam..just a small problem the Visa hasn't been sorted yet. So still stuck here with party animals and the only way to survive is drinking yourself on the same     
Ookay, Laos.. Culture does not come to mind, pretty much nothing to do here however we have learned several valuable lessons, the most significant being that going for 'a cocktail' = disaster (bearing in mind there are no glasses, just buckets). Last night we got stuck on the island in the middle of a thunderstorm, I began writing my will at that point, it eventually died down so we could safely make it to the next bar, on the upside the adrenaline was good for honing my beer pong skills - ace!

Maike: "we're gonna die!!" kat "we're not that lucky"

I can also confirm from several observations that holding a phone to the ceiling does not actally boost broadband signal, and that when u can't find the light switch in a £5 a night room, it does not mean lights are clap responsive.

Last night listening to these bloody chickens- I'm so so happy! :'-)

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