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24th Oct 2017 - 6th Jan 2018
Arriving back in Australia

It looks like i did not save my last update written when we arrived back in Australia, so i will do a short story...

We arrived back in our house in Hervey Bay as it was vacant after having tenants for most of the time. We had always plan to do the inside painting before moving furniture back so we camped inside so that was a gradual move to a normal life....We also did some tiling after removing the carpets in the bedrooms. All this kept us busy while we waited for Margo2 to arrive. It was good to have warm weather, catch up with friends and being able to skype more freely with the family, even so it took 3 weeks to get connected to the phone and internet again! The shipping vessel arrived in Brisbane on the 15th of December as plan, but being just a week before the Xmas New Year break, after many contacts with our shipping agents, we finally got a call on the 2nd of January that Margo2 was ready to go ! So after a bus trip in the middle of the night, we arrived early in Brisbane and were at the unloading depot by 7.30am. It was a good feeling to see Margo2 parked inside the depot, looking very clean after the necessary extra washdown required by the customs. The customs inspection must have been very thorough as we found all our things spread out on 5 pallets around the car. The workers there were offering their help to pack it up, but we had to take our time and remember were everything fitted... After checking the battery connections and the all the lights, we were ready to go. The first stop had to be at a fuel station nearby as the tanks were almost empty as required for the shipping. Then it was over the bridge and along the highway north of Brisbane. When we stopped at a busy highway stop, one lady was waving to us and wanted to take a picture of our car! For a while we thought that we were back on the Overland trail as Margo2 has certainly being a hit  with the photo takers!  We think that we had an extraordinary trip, going all the way to the most northern point in Alaska reachable by car, then to the eastern part of Canada, down to the most southern point in the USA, at KeyWest.  From there, we made our way to New Mexico and had a family reunion with our children and grandchildren. After that very special time, we were back on the roads and to California from where we crossed over into Mexico and from there we had to get our spanish going.... I was glad to have attended lessons at our local University of the 3rd Age and used Duolingo online to learn some basic spanish. From Mexico, we entered Belize from where we shipped Margo2 to Cartagena in Colombia as we could not drive through Costa Rica with a right hand drive vehicle! We took that opportunity to fly over to Cuba, a very interesting and friendly country before rejoining Margo2 in Cartagena. From there, it was all the way south to Ushuaia, the most southern city in South America. Margo2 drove just over 86000kms, used just over 12000 litres of diesel and with basic maintenance along the way, never let us down. Daniel did an amazing job at driving on the right side of the road and as his co-pilote, i had also an important part to watch out for the traffic on the left hand side.....What a team! For the moment we are quite happy to plan some camping trips in the region; we will see if we will get ichy feet again for another continent?Thank you to all of you who followed our adventure and we hope that this will give some inspirations to some of you to venture around the world! 

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Diary Photos

The green frogs have survive in our pot plant

Arrived home, the end of the adventure!

At the shipping unloading depot Brisbane

After a very complete custom inspection!

Ready to go after checking all the lights

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