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How to win the lottery and Nev
No Photos 18th Sep 2012
Win the Jackpot in Lotto and Never Lose Again!

The only fool proof advice that you can get from a friend is to keep on playing the lotto. Track your selection of combination/s and make sure you will not miss a single drawing date. Who knows, that very date you skip betting might just be your lucky day.

Winning the lottery takes time, money and patience. You have to invest this if you are really serious in achieving your goal. You’ll suddenly be tasked with managing more money than the average person can handle. You’ll have a whole slew of people interested in putting their hands in your pot. You will also have to deposit your money to more than one bank because the banks have a certain insurance limit. You will need to hire PA's, book keepers and lawyers to keep everything on track. Of course don’t worry too much, here’s a list of things to keep in mind if you want to know how to win the lottery, and keep the money!

What to do immediately after you win the lottery

After you and your closest loved ones have jumped for joy, the next steps are crucial once you’ve confirmed that you actually hold the winning ticket. First thing you need to know is to locate the main lottery office in your state and schedule your time of visit. You will also need to hire a lawyer, an accountant, and probably personal assistant, right away.

When planning your trip to the lottery headquarters, bear in mind a couple of small details that will be of benefit. Keep it a discreet as possible, do not make announce your travel in public. Do this for safety purposes because negative elements are hanging around waiting for a one time chance. If the lottery office is a distance or a few hours from your location, the best advice is to fill the gas tank up on the most reliable, economical car you can find, and drive straight to the lottery office, stopping only as absolutely necessary. Avoid talking about anything regarding your travel. If possible refrain from talking to strangers and do not accommodate hitchers as well.

Some states require the names of lottery winners to be publicly announced. There's a possibility that the media will be expecting your arrival and get cover you claiming the prize. Publicity is not the kind of thing that you should appreciate in this type of situation. To avoid this, you can visit the lotto office 30 minutes before they close. Wear something that will cover your face. This is your least option in the worse case scenario.

You should look for a big time laywerin one two towns nearby while you are processing the claim. It is helpful if that lawyer can be present at the awarding of the prize because you will have to sign a stack of papers and confirm tax payments and other obligations. Doing so will really help a lot and will make the process faster. Choosing a nearby but not local lawyer will also alleviate the fact that small town lawyers might have conflicting interests or ties to relatives who want to gain money from you. Just remember not to trust anyone even those that are close to you.

You’ll also have the need for an accountant because you’ll have too much money in too many accounts to keep track of. If you can, look for an accounting firm that has a group of dedicated individuals to make sure that your money is secured. Doing so will add protection to your property and only a highly experienced accountant can make sure that you're not being robbed in any way. It is also wise to hire two different accounting firm so that the other one can audit the first one's accounting simultaniously.

What to do with those people trying to borrow money

Winning a huge lottery pot like Powerball in the United States, you will doubtlessly be boiling over with happiness. But, your joy can quickly turn to heartache. Winning the hundred million jackpot is really a life changing thing. But if you are not careful with your money, there's a good chance you'll lose everything. The harsh reality is that you will have to adopt a different life, and you’ll lose friends and relatives along the way. That’s right, if you win a big lottery, in order to protect yourself, you’ll have to give a cold shoulder to more people than you might think.

Becoming greedy is another thing, but too much kindness is never a good thing as well. Just imagine trying to accommodate everyone in the process, what will become of you? Hammer tried to please every family member, friend and aquaintance he had and eventually lost everything. In the event that luck hit you big time, it is inevitable to want to help others. But moderate on doing this because you might just wake up one day back to your old house again.

If your numbers come in, the first number you’ll want to change is your phone number. A man from a Georgia, USA once pulled an elaborate prank on the small town he lives in. He actually produced a fake lottery ticket with the winning combination for the thirteen million jackpot. But by all means, he had no intention of claiming the prize with this. But what he did was announce it to his work place and said that he will be filling a two week leave to collect the prize. His plan was to recant the announcement after two weeks and continue working. He has since reported that during the time when all of his friends were duped, his phone rang off the hook. He further said that even those that he rarely knew are congratulating him and wants to grab a piece of the pie. Even ex-lovers drop calls and trying to get romantic out of the blue. Every second-cousin rang him up. The prank was got pretty messed up and he was forced to cut the plan short. Imagine the mess he went through with a the prank he did.

It is definitely not fun to think about having to “cut ties” with practically everyone you know when you get rich, but it is easier to frame it in a practical standpoint. When you strike it rich in the lottery, ask yourself: “Who in my life would share the money with me, if they had won it?” The answers will likely result in a very short list of family and close friends. You should realize that you have to abid on your own principles. This is a responsibility in your part as well. Of course it's a matter of choice, whatever you do will result in the future.


Winning the lottery is a momentous occasion known by few. The event is not without its challenges. Following the above recommendations is just part of successfully navigating the world of unimaginable wealth. Trusting your gut is a big part of how to win the lottery and keep the money.

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