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Matt Franco
No Photos 14th Aug 2011
Why A Cheat Meal Might Just Save Your Diet And Boost Fat Loss

Is it hard not having the ability to consume the foods you're keen on? So many dieters do, that's the reason they often would like to discover if they're able to have a cheat meal while following their diet plan or have they got to give up their favourite foods for good.

Obviously when you have to many cheat meals then its going to take you longer to see results. The difference between your meals in your diet plan and cheat meals is that the cheat meals contain more fat and calories, that will add up.

It is possible to add cheat meals into your diet, if you plan them correctly. In fact should you discover ways to add them into your diet correctly, you may find they can speed up your overall results.

You should keep in mind the main things below, when planning to eat a cheat meal.

Cheat Meals And Your Metabolism

One of the main problems when you are following a reduced calorie diet plan, is your metabolism will slow down. Your body will think that it is being starved, it's going to therefore try and prevent this. Your body will require more fuel which will help to boost up your metabolism, cheat meals may help do this. One cheat meal can really have a positive effect while following your diet, you may experience faster weight-loss as it's going to boost your metabolism.

Cheat Meals And Your Food Cravings

By adding a cheat meal into your diet, you will be able to help combat the effects of food cravings. If you suddenly stop eating the foods that you crave, you'll soon give into these cravings and they're going to get the better of you. By adding cheat meals at specific pre-determined points, can enable you to stay on track with your diet. Normally it is possible to keep your cravings at bay by knowing you will be able to experience some of the foods you crave.

Cheat Meals and Muscle Glycogen Levels

Last but not least, adding a cheat meal into your diet plan that is high in carb will result in your muscle glycogen levels being restored. The main energy source for the body during workouts is muscle glycogen. Your workouts will probably be more intense when you have a large amount of muscle glycogen within your system. Your body will therefore burn more calories during workouts which will help you see faster results.

So as you see, a cheat meal is a nice thing for the diet. The vital thing to remember is to only have one cheat meal per week and still moderate its calorie content. Hunger can sometimes cause people to have too many cheat meals, taking an appetite suppressant can help to prevent this.

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