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125 Diary Entries
18th Jun 2017Spanish Update
22nd May 2015Spain Best Medicine
10th Nov 2014Doing Great
18th Sep 2014We Finally Arrived.
1st Sep 2014Not Long Before Off
24th Aug 2014New Hobby?
24th Jun 2014Bit the Bullet
25th Apr 2014Light at the End of the Tunnel
27th Oct 2013Months of Hell
21st Apr 2013On The Move Again
26th Apr 2012Return to the UK
1st Jun 2011Javea with Friends??
21st Jan 2011Spain at Last
10th Jun 2010Froghall Wharf Boat Trip 10th June 2010.
21st May 2010Oswestry 2010 RVOC Rally
13th May 2010Oswestry RV Owners Club Rally 2010
13th Apr 2010Our 'New' Girls.
4th Feb 2010Future Plans
23rd Aug 2009When We Arrive.
21st Aug 2009Last drive on USA soil
9th Aug 2009The Ship to UK
21st Jul 2009Solar Panel Installation and Nearly Home Time.
7th Jun 2009Just What a Bit of Rain Can Do
24th May 2009You think you have rain in the UK?????
7th May 2009Back To Willow Lakes
27th Apr 2009Today was a first for us??????????????????
25th Apr 2009Things Warming Up Out Here
1st Jan 2009The Big Move
28th Dec 2008Christmas Lights Around Willow Lakes
17th Dec 2008Night out with our neighbours at Willow Lake
6th Dec 2008Christmas Parade, Titusville
12th Oct 2008Niagara Falls on the American Side.
8th Oct 2008Niagara Falls Late Entry
16th Sep 2008Return to Canada
6th Aug 2008Toronto to Manchester UK
5th Aug 2008Leaving Milton Heights for UK
1st Aug 2008Niagara Falls Visit & Jet Boat Adventure
30th Jul 2008Milton Adventures.
16th Jul 2008Milton Heights, Toronto.
15th Jul 2008Sudbury to Milton
12th Jul 2008Sudbury
11th Jul 2008Wawa to Sudbury
10th Jul 2008Wawa - last night
8th Jul 2008Wawa
7th Jul 2008Thunder Bay to Wawa
5th Jul 2008Kakabeka Falls & Lake Superior
4th Jul 2008Thunder Bay.
1st Jul 2008Dryden, Ontario to Thunder Bay.
30th Jun 2008The North Western Tent & RV Park, Dryden, Ontario
29th Jun 2008Winnipeg, Manitoba to Dryden Ontario
26th Jun 2008Indian Head to Winnipeg
24th Jun 2008Swift Current to Indian Head
23rd Jun 2008Calgary, Alberta to Swift Current, Saskatchewan
22nd Jun 2008A lazy day??
21st Jun 2008Sites of Calgary
20th Jun 2008Revelstoke, BC to Calgary, Alberta
18th Jun 2008Lucky Escape!!!!
17th Jun 2008Lamplighter Campground - 3-4 day stay
12th Jun 2008Last few Chilliwack Photographs
5th Jun 2008Window Installation and Rambo
3rd Jun 2008What Have We Been Upto?
31st May 2008The Windows Have Arrived.
26th May 2008Trooper Pat
20th May 2008Victoria Day in Canada and W**K
11th May 2008Overdue Updates, by Pat.
23rd Apr 2008Site Visitors
13th Apr 2008Cultas Lake
12th Apr 2008Birch Bay to Cultas Lake
11th Apr 2008Birch Bay Site
10th Apr 2008South Jetty to Birch Bay
9th Apr 2008Pat's Ramble
7th Apr 2008South Jetty.
6th Apr 2008Turtle Beach to South Jetty.
4th Apr 2008San Francisco
3rd Apr 2008Turtle Beach Site
2nd Apr 2008Lake Elizabeth to Turtle Beach
1st Apr 2008Los Angeles
30th Mar 2008Lake Elizabeth RV Resort
29th Mar 2008Las Vegas to Lake Elizabeth
28th Mar 2008Las Vegas
25th Mar 2008Tuscon to Las Vegas
24th Mar 2008The Bone Yard
21st Mar 2008Rincon Country East RV Resort, Tuson
20th Mar 2008Fort Stockton to Tucson
18th Mar 2008Colorado River to Fort Stockton.
13th Mar 2008Colorado River 1, 000 Trails Site.
11th Mar 2008Mississippi to Texas
5th Mar 2008Popped Out To-Day
4th Mar 2008Martin Lake Resort, Biloxi, Mississippi
29th Feb 2008Visit To Laguna Beach & Panama City, Florida.
26th Feb 2008Sunset King Lake, De Funiak Springs, Florida
25th Feb 2008Last Day at Willow Lakes.
22nd Feb 2008A Bad Place To Eat ?
17th Feb 2008Better Late Than Never
9th Feb 2008Second Day of Journey to the Keys.
8th Feb 2008The Florida Keys.
7th Feb 2008Will It Won't It.
22nd Jan 2008General Observations So Far Regarding the USA
20th Jan 2008Daytona Beach
13th Jan 2008Phoned Home Again.
11th Jan 2008Just Another Day
10th Jan 2008Staying a Little Longer
30th Dec 2007On the Way to the Shops we saw..........
16th Dec 2007More Exploring
10th Dec 2007Met the Croc's To-day
4th Dec 2007Final Pitch Move
3rd Dec 2007Post Run & Visit
29th Nov 2007More Shopping......Will it Ever Stop?
25th Nov 2007Local Views and Wildlife
22nd Nov 2007Finally Arrived
19th Nov 2007Busy Day
18th Nov 2007Our First RV Camp Site
16th Nov 2007Not Long Now
12th Nov 2007Things in America ARE BIGGER
9th Nov 2007Santa's Grotto?
2nd Nov 2007It Must Get Better Soon?
26th Oct 2007New Car......."What's a Toad?"
21st Oct 2007Our Possible New Home
14th Oct 2007We Have Arrived, First Cock-Up
13th Oct 2007A Few Problems, If Only.
9th Oct 2007Nearly There
21st Aug 2007American Visa Application
13th Aug 2007Moving Out
21st Feb 2006Change of Mind
27th Jan 2006The Start

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