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2011 Travel Diary
Here is my original description of my trip: For those of you who don't know, I am embarking on an ~8 month international trip on September 3rd. I will be outside of the USA until at least May 3rd, but the details are fuzzy after that. I am focusing on SE Asia and the South Pacific, for starters. Then, I hope to come back to Central America and do some cementing of my (could-be-improved) Spanish language skills. You can follow me here, where I will be a little more honest than you might expect. There is a message board for you to leave notes for me on, which I expect I will appreciate since I will be super lonely at times. This is going to be my #1 connected spot, so dig in, and get ready to live vicariously through my crashes and failures as well as my victories. If you want to get in touch with me outside of this website, email me at! I'll be checking it relatively frequently on my trip.....I've also set up a Google voice account, so you can call and leave me a voicemail that will show up on my email next time I log on!!!
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3rd Jun 2011
Do less = do it better
I know I said I was done writing on this blog. But I've found that I'm really missing this outlet for thoughts, and I've also realized that traveling thoughts don't stop when you return home. That is for dang sure....
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8th May 2011
About that one day, you know, when I went home...
The cool thing is, I'm writing this while I drink coffee in my parents' living room. The cool thing is, I made my short connecting flight AND was able to sneak through customs un-hassled. The cool thing is, I hav...
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5th May 2011
Cinco de Mayo in Puebla
It is Cinco de Mayo, and I am stuck inside with a migraine. The worst I have had this trip. Instead of enjoying a parade and a Mexican holiday, I am stuck here in pain trying to make it all go away. I remember Eri...
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30th Apr 2011
I am in Oaxaca now, unfortunately relatively sick and so not really making the most of it. A mild head cold combined with Oaxaca-style heat equals very little ability to have energy. Most of my time is spent trying...
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25th Apr 2011
My birthday on a volcano, and getting to Mexico
I have been really lazy about blogging. I would say that I am sorry, but I'm not. Sometimes I just really don't feel like writing, or I only feel like writing in my personal journal. Oops.But anyway, here are som...
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