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2011 Travel Diary
63 Diary Entries
3rd Jun 2011Do less = do it better
8th May 2011About that one day, you know, when I went home...
5th May 2011Cinco de Mayo in Puebla
30th Apr 2011Oaxaca
25th Apr 2011My birthday on a volcano, and getting to Mexico
16th Apr 2011Nebaj, Guatemala
10th Apr 2011A collection of successes and embarrassments I have completed in Spanish...
8th Apr 2011Photos! Finally!
6th Apr 2011How avoiding tourist shuttles can make you carsick
2nd Apr 2011My brother is here!
28th Mar 2011El fin de semana
25th Mar 2011Las ultimas semanas en El Salvador!!
18th Mar 2011Remembering one of my heroes!
15th Mar 2011An overdue description of my recent activities!
7th Mar 2011On saying stupid things in second languages...
4th Mar 2011Wait, am I still in San Salvador?
27th Feb 2011Barra de Santiago
24th Feb 2011On getting lost and Wendy's - a successful day
23rd Feb 2011San Salvador
21st Feb 2011On keeping your chin up
20th Feb 2011February 20th
16th Feb 2011The 3rd trimester of my trip
11th Feb 2011Sadness
4th Feb 2011Livin' in Paradise (it's a Zipso song...)
27th Jan 2011Evolution
23rd Jan 2011A day at the beach!
20th Jan 2011On meeting a student's family!
17th Jan 2011Vava'u: Port of Refuge (and, for me, recovery)
15th Jan 2011Traveling is not always glamorous.
11th Jan 2011A short love story
7th Jan 2011Anna feasts like a Tongan (sorry no photos)
5th Jan 2011The Kingdom of Tonga
2nd Jan 2011On Fails
29th Dec 2010A bit of love/wisdom/funnies from people I know..
24th Dec 2010Merry Christmas!
20th Dec 2010Something about that rainshadow effect...
16th Dec 2010Tongariro Alpine Crossing
12th Dec 2010New Zealand road trips...
11th Dec 2010A past due commentary on a place that simply cannot be described...
4th Dec 2010From Laos to New Zealand
28th Nov 2010On crossing borders..
25th Nov 2010Motorbikes, kids, and pigs
12th Nov 2010Real travelling means sometimes wanting to go home
10th Nov 2010I never want to leave Vietnam...
3rd Nov 2010Seoul, but not really
28th Oct 2010Dear Manila, you're not that bad...
23rd Oct 2010Stories from Batangas
20th Oct 2010Back from a brief blog hiatus...
16th Oct 2010Quick, where am I?
9th Oct 2010Positivity
7th Oct 2010Back to Singapore, but not easily.
3rd Oct 2010Bali, winding down
27th Sep 2010More brief thoughts from the road...
20th Sep 2010Munduk, Bali - where the road ends
13th Sep 2010Malaysia
10th Sep 2010Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
6th Sep 2010S'pore
5th Sep 2010Beginnings in Singapore
27th Aug 2010One week until liftoff!
8th Aug 2010The "plan"
31st Jul 2010Well, i am still thinking about leaving!
12th Jul 2010Thinking about leaving...
11th Jul 2010Switching blogs like whoa!

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