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2011 Travel Diary
No Photos 30th Apr 2011

I am in Oaxaca now, unfortunately relatively sick and so not really making the most of it. A mild head cold combined with Oaxaca-style heat equals very little ability to have energy. Most of my time is spent trying to overhydrate (anyone who has been here understands how funny that is), and making use of the Spanish lessons I have already paid for. This is, surprisingly, one of my most expensive places yet, but I am pretty sure it's because the school's rent is high, as it's in a super posh part of town.

It was hard to leave Chiapas - there is sill so much I want to see!!! But my short time here just means that I have to return to Mexico. Oh, no!! ;)

I am staying with a really well-to-do Mexican couple that treats me like their own daughter - meaning they barely want me to walk to school alone. It's like 5 minutes and I had to convince Patricia I could walk it okay alone. When we walk around the zocalo, one of them always has a hand on me. It should be annoying but I actually appreciate it because it has brought the catcalls to a crushing halt. Hallelujah. I hate that my hair gets blondish in the sun.

Anyway, it's funny. With them, thought, I have had the most successful Spanish experience - either I am finally really getting it or it's just easier to understand Mexican Spanish, but either way I feel successful enough with the language to come home.

Okay, now about Oaxaca. It's huge! A lot bigger than I expected, but feels nothing like a city because all the buildings are so low (earthquake savvy). The zocalo (center plaza) is, for lack of a better word, divine. What a cool meeting point of music, art, tourism, food, drink, and amazing architecture. It's beautiful, clean, and fun! I love it! That being said, the rain and the sickness have kept me from getting there very much...tomorrow I am going to try to go to Monte Alban (ruins) and Santo Domingo (cathedral) - with my escorts of course. :)

The food here is off the charts, the chocolate freaking CREATED the charts, and I continue to convince my body that yes, the mangoes and papayas will be this good forever.

Home is pulling, though.

For those who care/can:

My sister is hosting a welcome home party for me on May 13th starting a 730, I think. So far, there is no location but I think we are looking at the Center for Urban Horticulture on the northeast end of the UW campus (near the stadium...ish). It will be a potluck style gathering and if the location holds alcohol will be allowed. Everyone who wants to come is welcome! It will be a chance for me to see lots of people at once, to show some photos and share some stories, and to just have a good time with good people.

Okay, that's all for now. Can't believe my trip is 97.4% done! Yes, I did the actual math.

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