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2011 Travel Diary
No Photos 5th May 2011
Cinco de Mayo in Puebla

It is Cinco de Mayo, and I am stuck inside with a migraine. The worst I have had this trip. Instead of enjoying a parade and a Mexican holiday, I am stuck here in pain trying to make it all go away. I remember Eric asked me how I expected to travel alone when I get migraines. I guess this is how - missing things sometimes. If I could drag myself up the stairs I could watch it on TV, but that sounds awful. So I just miss it. Sigh.

At least my flight isn't today - that would have been terrible! I may have even missed it!

Now, the positive: I am with Karen Boyer now, who is (if you don't know) also from Montesano (sorry my keyboard wont let me write your first name right). It turns out that she flies home the same day I do, just earlier, and has been gone roughly the same amount of time I have. So we are having a sort of countdown together, which has been fun!

The first day in DF (Mexico City), we took the Turibus (think open air tour bus) all around the city for 3 hours. It was really fun! We also went to see Templo Mayor, the remnants of the Aztecs biggest temple that was excavated from underneath what is now the Centro of DF. It was wild to see the ruins right next to modern buildings. We also went into the museum there but ended up getting told to leave, which was really confusing until we realized the museum was closing (the lady never said a word other than that we needed to leave!). 

The next day we went to Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera's home in Coyocoan. It has been turned into a museum of various things, most notably their personal effects ad some art. It was cool to get more of the story behind Frida especially - I like her work a lot more now that I understand it better.

I got to visit with 2 friends I had met last year in Mexico, so that was good too. It's been a good way to wrap up the trip, to come around and visit people from last year and, at the end to share the end feeling with someone who is going through the same, mas o menos. I like it!

And I will be home Saturday.


By the way, it's later in the day now, and I dis get over the migraine, get out, and have some real Cincinnati de Mayo fun - which here means music and celebrating a country with family events, not drinking until you puke your brains out. It's funny how Cinco de Mayo is really only strongly celebrated in the US, which has almost nothing to do with the holiday itself.

Anyway, all weirdness aside, good music and food (chiles en nogado) in the zocalo, and an amazing chapel decorated in real gold (Capilla de Santa Rosario). I am having a blast with Karen and am really glad I met up with her here!!

And Puebla is a wonderful place. That's all for tonight! Tomorrow I get to say that I'm coming home tomorrow! :)

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