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2011 Travel Diary
No Photos 8th May 2011
About that one day, you know, when I went home...

The cool thing is, I'm writing this while I drink coffee in my parents' living room. The cool thing is, I made my short connecting flight AND was able to sneak through customs un-hassled. The cool thing is, I have more than 2 outfits to choose from now. The cool thing is, my mom brought me a PB & J to the airport with her homemade jam on it. The cool thing is, I rocked out to Tiesto in the car last night with my sisters.

The cool thing is, I am home.

A few people have asked me the following questions, to which I have the following answers:

1. Now what? I have no idea.

2. No, seriously, now what? Okay fine, I have an idea. I will be moving back to Seattle at some point, and working my awesome EYC job this summer (remember that one, where I drive kids around while they clean up the sides of our state highways?). That doesn't really start right away, so I have a bit of time to "adjust" and "move".

3. What's the first thing you will do? Well, obviously, see people. But aside from that, which I think is really what people wanted to know, I will do the following:

           - condition my hair
           - dry my clothing with fabric softening dryer sheets
           - change my clothing, maybe wear a new pair of pants, definitely wear different underwear
           - eat, eat, eat, lots of mom's food, food, food
           - go square dancing (Monday night, Tractor Tavern, Seattle)...this one is important.

4. What was your favorite country? It's a tie between the Philippines, Samoa, and El Salvador, but all for very different reasons, so I think they just all win.

5. Least favorite country? Hard to say, but I probably won't be going back to Indonesia or Guatemala anytime soon.

6. Can I see your photos? Okay, yes, but there's a caveat. You have to come to my welcome home party THIS FRIDAY (May 13th) at the Center for Urban Agriculture near the UW Stadium in Seattle. It's at 7 pm. I am working on two things that will make this fun, besides seeing yours truly :)....a slideshow of my photos and a small keg (need to check the rules of the venue).

It's pretty likely that I won't be posting much more to this blog, partially because I don't really like this site and never have, and partially because, well, I'm home, and have to look for a job now. But I'm going to make a video from the slideshow eventually for those of you who aren't in Seattle/Montesano and post it here and on Facebook. Sooooooo....For now, that's all.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my increasingly deteriorating blog, and hope that somehow, sometime, it was enlightening in some way.....because that was the point. Much love, and hope to see you soon!

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