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2011 Travel Diary
No Photos 3rd Jun 2011
Do less = do it better

I know I said I was done writing on this blog. But I've found that I'm really missing this outlet for thoughts, and I've also realized that traveling thoughts don't stop when you return home. That is for dang sure.

It's been almost a month - and here's a quick update on what has happened:

1. Moved into my aunt and uncle's house in Wedgwood (thanks, Don and Peggy - you rock!)
2. Started sporadic work with the Ecology Youth Corps (most awesome summer job ever)
3. Became an "I'll do any random kind of work for money" person (housesitting, dogsitting, babysitting are the most common)
4. Interviewed and got offered a teaching position at Cascade Middle School down in White Center, where I student taught (this is my dream come true, my life is complete now)
5. Began running a LOT in order to train for a half marathon trail run in August. (wait, why?)
6. Am leaving next week to go on a mini trip (already!) to Omaha, NE (long story, haha) and Oakland/Berkeley/SF, CA. (must. travel. more.)

So, I realize that it sounds like I've been really busy, and in some ways, I have. But I have been slowing down a lot, spending entire days gardening (yeah, unemployed joke here), going on hikes, and walking places instead of driving. And it's been amazing. Part of me can't speed up and go from errand to errand anymore. But more importantly, NO part of me WANTS to live that life again. I find so much more pleasure in slowing down and experiencing the things you do. And the key to this, I think, is being comfortable doing it all by yourself.

Now, I enjoy the company of friends as much as the next person (maybe more), but when you're unemployed in May/June, there aren't a lot of people around during the day to play. This morning, I decided to run to Green Lake from my house in Wedgwood, which is a decent 25 minute run. But then, my glasses were ready to be picked up in Fremont, so I thought, well, maybe I should drive to Green Lake, run there, then drive to pick up stuff in Fremont. OH NO, that is NOT what I did! :) Instead, I just walked the whole thing. It was like 10 miles or something. But it was aammmmaaaazzziiinggg!!! And I met so many cool people on the way!

So, while walking 10 miles per day is simply not realistic, I think it highlighted my new ability to do things the slow way. It's cool. I love it.

And a bunch of the other Bonderwomen (def: female Bonderman fellows, also indicates strength and quality of character) returned to the US of A recently, so I'm looking forward to meeting up with them.

Life is good. Thanks for welcoming me back, home. I missed you.

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