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5th Jun 2017
Mike's recommended buttock exercises

Today Mike's glutes and southern most sphincter got a good workout from being tightly clenched tight for 6 hours or so while we took the inland river channel between Surfers Paradise to Peel Island anchorage in Moreton Bay.

After seeing over 100m depth out at sea, we now had to navigate through long narrow twisty channels where at times we saw less than 20cm under the keel.The night before Mike paced around, talking to himself, repeating such inspiring and comforting monologue as "if we run aground it's OK, it's just mud and we can wait for tide to float us off'.  Yeah - cause it's been my life ambition to run aground in mud and wait for the rising tide while being a navigational hazard for other boats.Besides, I had already ticked that off my Bucket List in Bermagui!!!!.

We made it through, but MOLI did give the muddy bottom a little kiss once - well who am I to stand in the way of a blossoming romance??We did see a little bright yellow tinnie zip past us, then grind to a halt as they bogged themselves about 20 metres away. Two guys jumped out, and the last I saw they were still trying to push their boat free.  It's cruel, but I laughed. They did look pretty stupid! Besides, I am developing a hate relationship with little fishing boats (stay tuned for another blog rant 😤).  Mike also neglected to tell me that we would be travelling quite closely under huge power lines. We had at least 3 metres clearance, but we still all stood well away from metal items as the wires passed overhead. My butt muscles got a good workout at this time too!  We anchored at Peel Island which has now defunct Leper Colony buildings on it. We celebrated the gradual unclenching of Mike's buttocks due to successful avoidance of grounding the boat, or being electrocuted, by drinking wine and educating the kids on Leprosy!!!!!So rock'n this distance education thing.

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5th Jun 2017  Poo Emoji cushion seemed appropriate for this diary entry

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