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Education is Light
28th Dec 2016
From Abdalla and Haoisi to Clive Kidd!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Clive Kidd.

Merry Christ mas to you Clive and your family!!!!!!!!! How was your Christmas? Hope you enjoyed just like us. Thank you Clive for the donation of the Christmas food to our family. It was great for us all and especially to my grandmother for receiving the Christmas food from you. My grandmother was happy to also receive the food and so she prepared for us very good food which we all enjoyed

Thank you once gain and may God bless you, wishing you a Merry Christmas a happy New Year 2017.

Yours loving

Abdalla and Hamisi.

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Diary Photos

Moses showing the Christmas food donated from our friends in England and getting ready to delivered to the families.

A closer picture of Mapenzi serving her Chrsitmas lunch.

A closer picture of Mr.Benson's wife.

A closer view of drawn 'picco' on Vidzo's mum during Christmas day!!!!!!!

A general view of the Benson's family kitchen activities during Christmas day.

A general view of the Christmas food allocated to the families.

A section of kids and parents who came to colect their Christmas food supply.

A view from the legs!!!!!! See the drawn 'picco' on Vidzo mum during Christmas!!!!!

A wider view of Mr.Benson's home in Mtomondoni, see also Mr.Benson dis[playing his drum beating skillls.

Abdalla and Hamisi receiving their Christmas food.

Albert receiving his Christmas food.

Albert with his mum at their Mtomondoni house ready to serve their Christmas lunch 'pilau'.

Alfred's sister(Phyllis) receiving Christmas food supply on behalf of his brother Alfred who was absent.

Another picture of Christmas food supply arriving to the school for the families.

Another view of Christmas food allocated tothe families.

Another view of Esther's mother preparing the 'chapati' for the Christmas break fast.

Another view of Mary Junior carrying her Christmas food supply.

Another view of some of the Mtomondoni sponsorship girls!!!!!!!!

Another view of the Christmas food with kids and parents who came to collect their Christmas food supply.

Baby Gail on a 'boda boda'village motorbike with is brother taking their Christmas food home.

Baby Gail receiving her Christmas food.

Baby Gail with her young brother Naushad being together with her big brother Lukeman carrying their Christmas food home.

Big boys!!!!!!!!! some of the Mtomondoni sponsorship program boys.From and in a red t shirt left is Hamisi, Samuel Benson, Wycliffe, Justin, Abdalla, Albert and William who had also come to collect food.

Big girls!!!!!!!!!!some of the Mtomondoni sponsorship girls.From left and black is Salwa, Esther, Mapenzi, baby Gail, Happy and Mayee who came to receive their Christmas food supply.

Christmas food supply being brought to the school from the shop for the families.

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Esther and her mother carrying their Christmas food supply home.

Esther with her mum receiving her Christmas food.

Esther's mother (left) with Esther's aunt doing the 'chapati' for the Christmas breakfast.

Esther's mother making 'chapati' for the Christmas break fast at their house kitchen.

From the shop workers, offloading the Christmas food and getting ready to be delivered to the familles.

Gibson (in black t shirt) with her sisters at their house.The younger sister is called Dora while the elder sister is called Enrita.

Gibson with his mother receiving his Christmas food supply.

Hamisi serving their Christmas foo while Abdall looks.See also their grandmoter waving greetings to al friendsl in England!!!!!!!!

Hamisi, Abdalla with their grandmother at the Mtomondoni house kitchen sevving themselves their prepared Christmas food i.e rice, fried fish with tomato stew.

Happy with her mother receiving her Christmas food.

Ibrahim loading his Christmas food on a 'boda boda' village motorbike to his home.

Ibrahim receiving his Christmas food.

Ibrahim with his grandmother at their house possing for a picture.

Ibrahim with his mother at their house posing for a picture.

Magdaline receiving her Christmas food supply.

Mapenzi receiving her Christmas food.

Mapenzi carrying hhome her Christmas food supply on a 'boda boda'village motorbike.

Mapenzi starting to serve her Christmas lunch 'pilau'.

Mary Junior being helped by her mother to carry her Christmas food supply home.

Mary Junior(left) with her mother(white blouse) receiving their Christmas food suppy.

Mayee with her young brother happy to receive their Christmas food.

Merry Christmas to our friends and donators in England from Teresia's family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More view of the Christmas food supply.

Mr.Benson whois also a traditional dancer at his home in Mtomondoni displaying his drum beating skillls.

Mr.Benson's wife (William, Samuel and Zena's mother) at the house kitchen carrying the 'ready to eat chapati' for the Christmas break fast!!!!!!!!

Mr.Benson's wife cutting the prepared chicken to be cooked with rice.

Mr.Benson's wife(Wycliff and Justin's mother) at their house kitchen preparing a chicken during Christmas day.

Mtomondoni sponsorship kids who came to collect their Christmas food.

Off loading the Christmas food from the shop for the familes.

Parents and kids of the Mtomondoni sponsoring program who came to collect their Christmas food supply.

Ready to be served!!!!!! Mapenzi openibg up her cooked Christmas lunch 'pilau'.

Salwa receiving her Christmas food.

Teresia receiving her Christmas food supply.

Teresia's holding her baby(Jeremy) with her family at their Mtomondoni home during Christmas day preparing their Christmas 'pilau'.See the ingredients used for the pilau.

The Benson's family loading their Christmas food home on a village motor bike 'boda boda'.

The Benson's family receiving their Christmas food.

The Christmas ' chapati' is ready!!!!!!!! Esther's mother happyly holding her prepared 'chapati' during Christmas.

Vidzo helping Ben to carry his Christmas food supply.

Vidzo receiving his Christmas food supply.

Vidzo with his mother at the Mtomondoni house kitchen cooking their Christmas food.

Vidzo's dad Mr.Michael at their house taking his food.

Vidzo's mum outsude their Mtomondoni house happy to display her drawn 'picco' during Christmas day.

William's mother(another wife to Mr.Benson) preparing thier Christmas lunch rice.

William's mum showing a closer view of the prepared Christmas 'mahamri'. swahili breakfast snacks.

Zena at their kitchen displaying her prepared Christmas food i.e 'mahamri' swahili snacks, fried fish, tomato stew and rice.

Zena kids i.e Roger (9 months old) and Haznut (1 year and 9 months.) during Christmas day!!!!!!!!

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