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Education is Light
15th Feb 2017

Hi! Everyone,

I guess you are all doing fine with your work and families.Am happy to inform you all that Esther is now healed after the her leg injury without any walking aid and has resumed her training.This year she has transfered from her previous vocational training school which was far from Mombasa and has joined a nearby vocational training school at Bamburi called Tazama Vocational training centre where she has now specialised in embroidery.

At the moment Esther is  doing her  foundation stage in embroidery where she uses hand needle to do her embroidery work.After 6 months she will proceed to the next stage where she will be working on embroidery machines and later after that she will be doing her advanced training in embroidery.

Esther's teacher called Stella said that Esther seem to have passion in embroidery and loves working on her class work.Currently their are 11 Esther's  classmates and the number will soon be more as most of the girls in the community seem attracted to embroidery training according to teacher Stella..

Apart from the vocational training,Esther's centre has a school and a children's home.The school which is a primary school is open to the community while the children's home takes care of girls only.

Esther is happy to be at her new training centre and  sends her appreciations to all of her sponsors.

Please see our picture gallery for Esther's pictures while at her vocational training.

Thank you all for you continous support towards our Kids here in Africa and be blessed.



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Diary Photos

A close view of some of the school office pictures.

A closer look at Esther doing her embroidery work.

A closer picture of Esher outside her classroom.

A closer view of Esther vocational training centre.

A front view of Esther working on her embroidery fabric using the hand needle.

A general view of Esther class block showing the name of the vocational training.

A wider view of Esther's embroidery class, see also some of Esther's classmates.

Another closere view of Esther working on her embroidery fabric.

Esther busy and happily training at her embroidery class.

Esther posing for a picture (during a sunny day!!!) outside their training centre.

Esther showing her embroidery work.

Esther standing outside her school office.

Esther teacher showing Esther's embroidery work.

Esther with her class teacher (Stella) in the school office.

Esther with her embroidery teacher (Stella) during Esther's training.

Esther's embroidery teacher(Stella) demonstrating her embroidery teaching sewing skills.

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