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Education is Light
20th Sep 2017

Hi! Everyone,

‘My name is Mapenzi aged 21 years. Am very much happy to speak to you all today so as to know of my career progress being one of the eldest girls in the Mtomondoni sponsorship program. Having completed my secondary school, I proceeded for a teacher’s training course at a teachers’ training college within Mtwapa called Imara Teachers’ Training College. At the moment am doing an internship where am doing some teaching work at my local village school here in Mtwapa called ‘Amukeni’ Primary school.

‘Amukeni’ is a Kiswahili word meaning wake up, the school is a private owned school with a kids population of slightly over 200 kids ranging from STD 1-6.It has a total number of 8 teachers and each class has an average of 40 kids.The school day at Amukeni primary school begins at 6.00am where all kids are first involved in the morning clean up of their classes and do some lesson preparations. Here below is the school time table;-

7.30 am-8.00am………………….Morning school assembly.

8.00am-9.10 am………………….Normal classes begin.

9.10 am-9.30 am………………….1st morning break

9.30 am-10.40 am………………..morning classes continue.

10.40 am-11.10 am………………2nd morning break.

11.10 am-12.30 pm………………morning classes continue.

12.30 am-2.00pm……………….lunch break.

2.00pm-4.00pm………………….afternoon classes

4.00 pm-5.00 pm games/sports.

5.00 pm End of school day.

 The major school subjects offered in our school are Maths, English, Kiswahil, Science, Social studies and Christian Religious Education. In sports we have foot ball for the boys while for the girls we have handball.

As for my work as a teacher, am a class teacher for STD 2and I have a total of 59 kids in my class i.e 27 boys and 32 girls. I teach all the 5 subjects as mentioned above. So as to make sure that all of my students have understood, I give them some exercise or a kind of a test before the end of my lesson and mark immediately. From the marking I’ll will have known which kid will not have understood and so as to make sure the slow learner hasn’t understood ,I do a one on one teaching before I do the next lesson. In my grading I may do comments like good, very good and sometimes I award the kids work with marks. Also I do monthly test for all the subjects for my class.

Before the kids leave for home in the evening, I do give some home work to carry home and then mark their work in the following morning. For the lesson plans, I do prepare my lesson by use of a teacher’s guide book which we are provided by the Ministry of Education, in addition to that I further research from other relevant teachers’ books.

I love all of my kids in class and are too very happy to be their class teacher.

Finally, I want to say thank you to all of my sponsors from Brockington college, England for their continuous support towards my education ever since I was in primary school until now that am undergoing the teacher’s training course. Also I would like to take this opportunity to further say thank you to Brockington College for the continuous food support to me, thank you and be blessed.

Yours loving girl,Mapenzi’.

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Diary Photos

Mapenzi posssing for a picture with her school head teacher, Mr.Baya.

Hello! to everyone!!!!!!! from Mapenzi.

Another view of Mapenzi shwing their school compound during break time.

Morte view of Mapenzi school during break time.See also the rain water as it's been raining lots.

A view of Mapenzi's school l time table.

More faces of some of the school teachers at Mapenzi's school, see alos the headteacher(in glasses).

Another view of one the female teachers at Mapenzi school.

Mapenzi happily sitted on the left desk with the rest of her school teachers in the school staff room.

More view of Mapenzi's school teachers happily sitted in nthe staffroom during break time.

A closer view of Mapenzi saying ......Hello to everyone in England!!!!!!!

Another view of greetings from Mapenzi kids.

Mapenzi Std 2 class kidss saying........Hi! to everyone in England!!!!!!

A general view of Mapenzi kids following their reading lesson.

Closer vview of Mapenzi doing the teaching.

Mapenzi doing the teaching in her STD 2 class.

Time to ask questions to kids

Closer view of one of the girls showing her understsnding.

Mapenzi checking whether her kids have understood.

A closer look at some of the work done by Mapenzi's std 2 class kids.

More view of another girl showing her understanding in Mapenzi's class.

A close view of some of the girls in Mapenzi's class.

A closer view of some of the boys in Mapenzi's class.

Mapenzi standing outside her std 2 class room.

The haead teacher ath Mapenzi's school, Mr Baya sitted in his office.

A general view of Mapenzi's school.

Another general view of Mapenzi's school.

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