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Bundler-site/sinatra.haml at master · bundler/bundler-site · GitHub

Permalink Fetching contributors...Cannot retrieve contributors at this time%h2 Using Bundler with Sinatra.contents.bullet.descriptionLet's say you wanted to run the following Sinatra app.:code# lang: rubyclass MySinatraApp < Sinatra::Baseget "/" do"Hello Bundler"endend.bullet.descriptionTo use bundler with a Sinatra application, you only need to do two things. First, create a Gemfile.:code# lang: rubysource ""gem "sinatra", :require => "sinatra/base".bullet.descriptionThen, set up your file to load the bundle before it loads your Sinatra app.:code# lang: rubyrequire 'rubygems'require 'bundler'Bundler.requirerequire './my_sinatra_app'run MySinatraApp.bullet.descriptionStart your development server with rackup, and Sinatra will be loaded via Bundler.:code$ rackupJump to - frank sinatra - Line

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