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There and Back again
On Monday 9th January 2017 George and Paul will be setting off on another adventure. We have been planning a trip in 2017 for sometime as during the year Paul will be 50. The original plan was to go and see the British Lions on tour in New Zealand and complete a walk into Milford Sound. This hasn't quite panned out and due to a number of different factors we are now setting off on an adventure to Australia and Japan. During this we will attend a family wedding, watch some tennis, drink some wine, swim with turtles, stay with Oliver, visit a snow festival, eat beef and fish, see a volcano, travel on a bullet train and visit many temples. We have planned out most of the trip and have a pretty good idea where we will be on most days but are hoping that we will also manage to be flexible enough to adapt to many other opportunities that present themselves on the trip. During our little journey the intention is to update this blog with thoughts, pictures and possibly even videos. Please feel free to leave comments or generally just follow us. This blog began as a diary of events for Paul during his 2011 trip to New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup. It was subsequently used to attempt to document the trip that George and Paul took up Mount Kilimanjaro. (Although the documentation didn't quite pan out). These have not been removed and we may go back and add entries for these in the future based on our notes.
Our latest 5 diary entries

20th Feb 2017 - Australia & Japan 2017
after our experience in Iwakuni we travelled back up the island to Hiroshima for our final full day away from Tokyo. So far on our trip we had been relatively lucky with the weather however for most of the day in Hi...
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19th Feb 2017 - Australia & Japan 2017
A bridge too far?
Our trip on the road around Japan was nearing an end but we still had two places to visit before returning to Tokyo, the first of these being Iwakuni, which was a short trip down the coast. We spent the morning ha...
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18th Feb 2017 - Australia & Japan 2017
A visit to the Shrine Island
Our train from Onomichi to Miyajima set off at 9.42 in morning and cost ¥1940 yen each. We went one stop from Onomichi to Itozaki then changed with a one minute turnaround. Only in Japan would his run totally to...
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16th Feb 2017 - 17th Feb 2017 - Australia & Japan 2017
Onomichi photos
pictures from our trip to Onomichi. We have realised that we haven't done a write up on this but it will be updated soon. 
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15th Feb 2017 - Australia & Japan 2017
Animals as leaders
On the 15th of February we travelled from Kobe back towards Osaka for a brief overnight stay and a concert. This had not been pat of the original trip agenda however Oliver had identified that one of His favourite b...
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