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There and Back again
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Dom (13th Jan 2017)
Hurray - you made it. Lovely update. Glad you've almost beaten the jet lag.
Wine tasting looked fab, very envious, sorry 'jealous'. Enjoy the next Big Bash - looking forward to the next installment. Snow hit the UK last night, marvellous, not! Dx (Ps good to know Broad has got his batting head on again)
Dad (11th Jan 2017)
Followed your flights with their delays. Enjoy Melbourne.
Dom (6th Jan 2017)
Obviously, that should read "Here's"
Dom (6th Jan 2017)
Have a wonderful trip
Looking forward to the updates already - and you haven't even left yet!
Hear's to the collection of memories that'll last a lifetime..
Dad (4th Jan 2017)
Test message
Seems to be working. Nice maths puzzle in the flight times with no indication of the units for the duration column and no indication of different time zones. Good fun!
Did this work?
George & Paul (4th Jan 2017)
Welcome to the noticeboard for our Australia and Japan Trip. Please feel free to post messages, however IT WILL NOT WORK UNLESS you are the "Desktop" view of the site. (Sorry its not our fault)

To change this : Look at the ribbon on the bottom of your screen and choose the "Desktop" icon. This changes the view of the site to a different view.

Select the Message Board Tab at the top right and type your message.
George (21st Oct 2011)
And so we're there...
And so to the breakfast for the finals. Will it be a hash browns, melon combo or the traditional bacon & eggs? As they say on every interactive TV programme 'You decide'.
Blog host (17th Oct 2011)
Luncheon repast
I can assure any worried persons that the day priors black was fried (to be honest nothing was grilled, which caused some consternation over the crispness of the bacon). It is also worth noting that although the bacon and hash browns were finished no person had any yogurt and I was also left with a rather substantial amount of fruit following everyone's departure
Mannish boy (16th Oct 2011)
To break ones fast
I am somewhat concerned about the morning after the semi final before breakfast; fancy low fat yoghurt and low fat margarine. Where be the lard and dripping? Surely the gathered needed rejuvenating and re-energising. I trust the black was not grilled?
George (11th Oct 2011)
Wine, food & oh, some rugby..
So glad to see that the trip has finished with a wine tour, that helped with the hangover. Nothing like learning about some wine to beat the devils brought on from the day before!

We'll be cheering on the appropriate teams at the weekend & continue with the rugby side of this trip.

Will look forward to seeing your original artwork as well. x