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Unusual Thinking Patterns
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My latest 5 diary entries

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9th Jul 2014
Eye Exercises for Cataract Surgery Recovery
Eye StretchesEyesight DistractionOne exercise - how to improve eyesight naturally - you are able to complete at home involves focusing and refocusing the lens in your eye. As st...
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5th Jul 2014
Spots on the Rear of the Eye
Any time you've got issues with your eyesight, get it checked out by an optometrist to diagnose the illness and prevent additional damage. Spots on the back of the eye can be caused by an injury or disorder and sho...
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5th Jul 2014
Human Eye Contour Types
EmmetropiaEmmetropia refers to an eye with a cornea and lens that focuses light just on the retina. The normal - improving eyesight naturally - human eyeball measures improvey...
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2nd Jul 2014
Home Treatments for Sore and Red Sensitive Eyes
Seasonal and other allergies can produce burning, tearing, red and sore eyes. Eye redness and swelling caused by allergens is called allergic conjunctivitis.Soothing CareRed, itchy eyes will get more red and irri...
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4th Jun 2014
Digestive Difficulties and Jogging
Digestive problems can bring a run into a screeching halt, as any base runner who has endured from them understands. Digestive dilemmas range from the moderately irritating to the cripplingly painful for runners, ...
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