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Dot (3rd Mar 2018)
Miss Rusti
Tell Miss Rusti that Brian said to st.op being naughty or else he will have to speak to her sternly and it is time both Derek and Rusti started obedience training again.
One Stick (3rd Mar 2018)
Hi not much to tell you. Halfways 2000th went off well, the committee did a great job Saw a lot of old photos on the big screen of past members including you two. We had a uber and got a lift home so I was able to have a few. Cheers for now xx
Bev & ROn (3rd Mar 2018)
Love the photos, sounds like you guys have found the perfect spot!! Keep on having a great time at the club...take care and safe travels.
Narelle & Dave (27th Feb 2018)
Great photos Derek, its a shame so many little towns are becoming deserted as they are the ones with character and great times. We are up on the Sunshine Coast for a week to celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary great food good weather, unlike Casino that had a deluge yesterday, we will be back home on the weekend. Travel safe
One Stick (23rd Feb 2018)
You are not missing anything here. rain rain rain/ Tomorrow is our 2000th celebration. wish you were here.No doubt you will see us on Facebook. Cheers
Dot & George (13th Jan 2018)
Less trees in the lake than when I was there in 1969.
Dot & George (5th Jan 2018)
Now that is a ripper of a pic
Brian/ellen (30th Dec 2017)
Best of the season
Hope you had a very merry Christmas, and have a wonderfull HAPPY HEALTHY NEW YEAR
Dot & George (22nd Dec 2017)
Merry Christmas Jo, Derek and Rusti, safe travels. XXX
One stick (16th Dec 2017)
Caught up with Carol and Rhino and Puss last night and a big crowd at 4skin's retirement bash. It's getting closer to the geriatric Hash Club every year especially since Leppy has celebrated his 79th. Cheers