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Off again !
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Pamela (19th Feb 2018)
Good Morning Both

Just taking advantage in the lull in work to read your blog and enjoy the pictures.

I see Chris is taking a leaf out of Michael's book and doing some off roading in his hire car. Memories of Onion Creak in Moab spring to mind bumping around in a low slung Mustang not for the faint hearted I can tell you.

Well you seem to be doing everything on this holiday some days I see you are bundled up in warm clothes and the next you seem to be in the sunshine.

Miserable day here looking out of my office window. Mondays are depressing but only 4 sleeps then we are off to Carrie for the weekend cannot wait.

My dog breeder rang on Tuesday the deed has been done so in another 3 to 4 weeks she will take her to the vets for a scan so then I will know that it is going to happen I cannot wait. Michael and I went for a nice walk yesterday so that we can get back in the swing of it for when puppy comes.

Stefano's booked for 16th March for Gill and I will think of you both, you sound like you are having some nice food there no insects and rats this time. Argentina is famous for its beef steaks I would be very happy with that nice and blood red.

Keep the blogs and photos coming. Take care

Love Always


Jane D (18th Feb 2018)
Hi Pam and Chris - really enjoying your photos and all the info. Thank you for all the bird pictures - the woodpecker was very special. The scenery looks amazing. Can't get over how blue the ice is, and the mountains and lakes look spectacular . A bit different from the rainforest! Hope you are continuing to enjoy yourselves and staying well. We are ok here and spring is beginning at last - snowdrops and crocuses everywhere and birds pairing up and singing in the mornings, though it's still cold and wet and muddy everywhere. Sussed out a potential new walk for us today though, along the canal at Uppermill - lots of industrial archaeology. Had a lovely time with the "escape girls' the other night (it got organised eventually)and it was great that Anne S came along and is rejoining the group. Lots of catching up to do. Turns out Hannah (one of the twins) is a on a training scheme at Stirley. Had worked with her, but didn't realise who she was. Off to Brighton next Friday - can't wait to see Jack (and his Mum and Dad of course). Then off to Seville and environs for a spot of sherry tasting, birdwatching and sightseeing - a good combination we feel! Take care. Jane x
Pamela (13th Feb 2018)
Intrepid Traveller's

What lovely pictures, you are certainly having a good time. A six hour walk you must be fit. That would kill me off.

We had snow yesterday at home not what I call snow after Jackson but snow is snow and like England the place comes to a stand still. It has gone today so we are back to normal.

Went to the caravan for the weekend it was lovely we have missed it very much it was cold but soon boosted up with the central heating and a few alcoholic drinks inside.

Got my new car I love it and now I am just waiting in anticipation for my little puppy it cannot come soon enough. The nights are getting lighter and longer here too so once Easter arrives it should be much lighter.

Waiting for Gill to book Stefano's for us both one Friday cannot call it Wilsden Westie Walking Society dinner yet until mine comes but we can celebrate the thought of it. Will think of you both while I am tucking in. Wont be long before we are all going again to welcome you home.

Please take care dearest friends you know what happened to Buch and the Kid.

Love as Always


Iris (12th Feb 2018)
Coates update
Greetings from sunny(not) Skipton! Another set of fantastic photos, and all that walking - no good ever came from exercising!
Nothing of interest happening here, apart from Angela getting her front door key stuck in the lock- I had to house sit while she went out, and not one person tried to break in! She had to pay £110 for a replacement, I can still hear her crying. Everyone is fine, Richards Mum wishes she was with you and sends her love. I have even more jigsaws for your return, I'm into the groove now! Hope Victoria and Russell get their visas soon otherwise she'll be struggling to travel won't she? Katie and Kristian are doing wonders with the house, windows and doors in now so it's looking habitable at least. Archie has been selected to swim for Skipton in a competition in Sheffield, the doting grandparents will be cheering him on!
Cheers 🤓
P&P (8th Feb 2018)
Hi back from our trip walked miles on the most beautiful beaches think the only weather we did not get was snow!!!! Washing done ready for the trip not yet booked .fantastic pics please can you send the one with the flamingoes to Brook ? She is enjoying every min met some great people , at the coast for the last 2 nights for carnival.keep having fun xxxx
Jane D (5th Feb 2018)
Hello from Holmfirth
Hi there - enjoyed the graffiti trip (Bogota one must have been amazing if Chris liked it better). Buenos Aires looks really interesting - very European. See you cracked out one of your little dresses, Pam! It's freezing and miserable here and I was feeling a bit fed up, but your description of your tango evening really cheered me up. Trust you too to fall on your feet. Glad you are having such a good time. I bumped into Ann swain yesterday and she asked after you Pam. I invited her to come to an 'Escape evening '. There is meant to be one this Friday according to my diary, but as usual no one has done anything about it! If the messages and photos are anything to go by Jack is thriving - Sam and Laura went to visit last weekend and we are intending to go to Brighton on 23rd February. Can't wait to see him
again properly. Look after yourselves and have fun. x Jane
Chris and Arthur (3rd Feb 2018)
Hi from nations capital. enjoying your good time. Pams pics are great as usual. B.A looks a bit more upmarket than the Perhentians. nothing like a bit of comfort though. keep the entries going. we are in victoria for a party, giving the van a run to keep our hand in. cheers Chris and Arthur
Lynsey & Grandma (3rd Feb 2018)
Hello!! I've helped Grandma to look through your photo's - they're brilliant!! I'm having a sleepover at Mum's tonight as the boy's are in Newcastle for Jonny so Grandma is treating us all to a Chinese...yummy! Hope your having a wonderful time! Lots of love xxxx
Sister Sue (3rd Feb 2018)
Hi from Mirfield
Hello you two. Looks like you are having a good time. Your blouse looks very nice Pam which you bought with mum and I. I love tango dance so really enjoyed reading your experience. I wish I was at the theatre with you, sounds a memorable evening. Foods looks delicious also. Mum is very well, we are getting out often doing some walking which she is pleased with. Take care and lots of love. sister sue xx
P&P (30th Jan 2018)
We are off
Hi looks great very reminiscent of Barcelona. We go today can't wait for some sunshine.Brook goes to Columbia tonight .
See you soon xxxx