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Paul & Tracey's Travels
Thailand - 13 Diary Entries
31st Jan 2017Final day in Thailand
30th Jan 2017Last day in Thaton, Northern Thailand
29th Jan 2017To Burma (twice!), and a wander round Thaton
28th Jan 2017Exploring rural villages in Northern Thailand
27th Jan 2017Road trip to the Burmese border
26th Jan 2017Last day in Chiang Mai
25th Jan 2017Day at an elephant sanctuary
24th Jan 2017Mountain temple
23rd Jan 2017Exploring Chiang Mai
22nd Jan 2017Journey north to Chiang Mai
21st Jan 2017Messing about on the river....Bangkok style
20th Jan 2017Bangkok by boat, Tuk Tuk and elevated railway
19th Jan 2017Back to SE Asia
Netherlands - 5 Diary Entries
19th Jan 2017Back to SE Asia
27th Feb 2016A return to Amsterdam
26th Feb 2016A circuitous train journey, and a music festival
25th Feb 2016Fine art and prostitution
24th Feb 2016Arrival in Amsterdam
China - 18 Diary Entries
24th Feb 2016Arrival in Amsterdam
6th Jul 2015Final hours in China and a ferry trip to Hong Kong
5th Jul 2015Flight to Guangzhou and a strange European style Island
4th Jul 2015Cruise down the River Li to see amazing limestone scenery
3rd Jul 2015Flight from Shanghai to Guilin
2nd Jul 2015A wander around Shanghai
1st Jul 2015Three Gorges Dam, Xilling Giorge, and a journey to Shanghai
30th Jun 2015A gorge, an amazing and scary bus trip, and an international incident
29th Jun 2015Cruise down the Yangtze and a gorge collapse
28th Jun 2015Baby Giant Pandas, another bullet train to the furnace city, and a first view of the Yangtze
27th Jun 2015Flight to Chengdu and a Buddhist Monastery
26th Jun 2015Lijiang, Naxi culture and Shangri La in the Himalayas
25th Jun 2015Flight South west to Lijiang high up in the mountains
24th Jun 2015Terracotta soldiers, a lesson in Chinese writing, and strange food in the Muslim quarter
23rd Jun 2015Bullet train South west to the heart of China
22nd Jun 2015Beijing Summer Palace, Chinese Culture, the Great Wall, Scorpions and ice cream
21st Jun 2015Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, Tea, Dumplings and more in Beijing
20th Jun 2015Arrival in China
Jordan - 8 Diary Entries
21st Feb 2015From the lowest point on Earth, to the Jordanian mountain based capital
20th Feb 2015Cut off at the Dead Sea, and a visit to the Jordan/Israeli border
19th Feb 2015Road trip north, ancient city, and apocalyptic weather
18th Feb 2015Exploring ancient Petra
17th Feb 2015Road trip to Petra and an evening meal in the mountains
16th Feb 2015Aqaba and a journey into Lawrence of Arabia country
15th Feb 2015Road trip - From the Dead Sea to the Red Sea
14th Feb 2015Arrival in Jordan
Ontario & Quebec, Canada - 12 Diary Entries
14th Feb 2015Arrival in Jordan
3rd Oct 2014Visit to the gay village, and a return to old town, Montreal
2nd Oct 2014Montreal sporting venues and old town
1st Oct 2014Road trip to Montreal and amazing city views
30th Sep 2014Ottawa canals, protestors, and giant spiders
29th Sep 2014Road trip to Ottawa
28th Sep 2014Algonquin Provincial Park, Northern Ontario
27th Sep 2014Foliage and lakes
26th Sep 2014Fall colours, lake views and fried Brussel Sprouts
25th Sep 2014East from Toronto to rural Ontario
24th Sep 2014Meeting friends, urban islands, downtown Toronto
23rd Sep 2014Arrival in Toronto
Vietnam,Laos & Cambodia - 16 Diary Entries
23rd Sep 2014Arrival in Toronto
19th Feb 2014Final day in Phnom Penh and journey home
18th Feb 2014Phnom Penh and the killing fields
17th Feb 2014Road trip through Central Cambodia
16th Feb 2014Rural Cambodia and more temples
15th Feb 2014Wandering around Angkor Wat
14th Feb 2014To Cambodia, and a first glimpse of Angkor Wat
13th Feb 2014Exploring the Laos capital, Vientiane
12th Feb 2014Journey South to the Laos capital
11th Feb 2014Jungle, waterfalls, bears, Mekong sunset
10th Feb 2014Monks, Mekong, massive fish, and Muangkeo Village
9th Feb 2014A cycle round Luang Prabang, temples and views
8th Feb 2014Flight to Laos and arrival in Luang Prabang
7th Feb 2014A spell in prison and walking the streets of Hanoi
6th Feb 2014Road trip to South China Sea and Ha Long Bay
4th Feb 2014Arrival in Vietnam and a walk around Hanoi
Miami, USA - 6 Diary Entries
11th Mar 2013Stuck in Florida !!! (for an extra day)
10th Mar 2013Final day in Miami and a raccoon encounter
9th Mar 2013Gators and big birds in the Everglades
8th Mar 2013Humphrey Bogart in the Florida Keys
7th Mar 2013Around Miami
6th Mar 2013Arrival in Miami
Iceland - 13 Diary Entries
6th Mar 2013Arrival in Miami
29th Jan 2013Snow and the Blue Lagoon
28th Jan 2013Volcanoes, ice, hot springs and prisons
27th Jan 2013Wind, waves, waterfalls
26th Jan 2013Ice, ice and more ice
25th Jan 2013Road trip East - ice, volcanoes, black beaches
24th Jan 2013Waterfalls, geysers, earthquakes and volcanos
23rd Jan 2013Final day in Reykjavik - Grafitti, sleeping nude, peni, and views
22nd Jan 2013Sun, sulphur, and snow in Thingvellir and beyond
21st Jan 2013Lava, lakes of ice, and getting away from it all
20th Jan 2013Exploring Reykjavik and chasing the lights
19th Jan 2013Arrival in Reykjavik
18th Jan 2013Iceland trip day 1 - Blizzards and snow delays
Toronto and Vancouver, Canada - 14 Diary Entries
18th Jan 2013Iceland trip day 1 - Blizzards and snow delays
24th May 2012East along the lake, a walk in the park, farewell to rellies, and a flight back home
23rd May 2012Exploring Ontario, canals and lakes
22nd May 2012Bowmanville and rural Ontario
21st May 2012Niagara Falls, Real life drama, and a visit to the rellies
20th May 2012Black Camel sandwiches, urban parks, subway rides, and another meet with Sean
19th May 2012Back East to Toronto, iPad crisis, and another ex pat night out
18th May 2012Alberta - Lake Louise, Banff, Sulphur Mountain, and a night out in Calgary
17th May 2012Road trip through British Columbia - Bears and Blizzards
16th May 2012Road trip through British Columbia - Hell's Gate and cowboy country
15th May 2012Pink street furniture, historic Downtown, perilous forest, and gay disabled stand up
14th May 2012West to Vancouver
13th May 2012Chinatown, markets, street art, a ferry to Toronto Island, and a meeting with an ex pat
12th May 2012Arrival in Toronto and up the CN Tower
Kathmandu,Himalayas,Nepal - 5 Diary Entries
12th May 2012Arrival in Toronto and up the CN Tower
10th Feb 2012Home across the Himalayas
9th Feb 2012Everest, Rural Nepal, local trades and little Tibet
8th Feb 2012Rain, temples, and a drive round the city
7th Feb 2012Flight to Nepal, a temple, holy men, and death
Delhi,Rajasthan & Agra,India - 12 Diary Entries
7th Feb 2012Flight to Nepal, a temple, holy men, and death
6th Feb 2012Road trip North to Delhi
5th Feb 2012Visit to the Taj Mahal - 7th wonder of the world! and some local Bollywood
4th Feb 2012East to Uttar Pradesh and Agra
3rd Feb 2012Final day in Jaipur
2nd Feb 2012Getting to know Jaipur - the pink city
1st Feb 2012Train to Jaipur
31st Jan 2012Desert villages, local crafts and opium
30th Jan 2012Safe arrival in Jodhpur, stunning locations and great views
29th Jan 2012Gardens, Delhi Metro, Connaught Place & a train journey commences
28th Jan 2012Forts, tombs and market mayhem
27th Jan 2012Arrival in Delhi
Tromso & Arctic Norway - 6 Diary Entries
27th Jan 2012Arrival in Delhi
4th Nov 2011Last day in Tromso
3rd Nov 2011Hunt for the Northern lights (Cancelled !)
2nd Nov 2011Lyngen Alps, Moose, and a trip to Finland
1st Nov 2011Cold and wet in Tromso
31st Oct 2011Arrival in the Arctic
Crete - 9 Diary Entries
31st Oct 2011Arrival in the Arctic
30th Jun 2011Last day in Crete, and more strikes
29th Jun 2011Visit to the Capital Heraklion
28th Jun 2011Greek salads and Greek strikes
27th Jun 2011Spinalonga Island and Lato ancient hillfort
26th Jun 2011Ancient Minoan civilisation and Lassithi Plateau
25th Jun 2011A surreal train journey and more lazing about
24th Jun 2011A day of leisure in Kato Gouves
23rd Jun 2011Arrival in Crete
New York, USA - 9 Diary Entries
23rd Jun 2011Arrival in Crete
23rd Apr 2011Last day in New York
22nd Apr 2011Good Friday in The Bronx and Central Park
21st Apr 2011Queens, Roosevelt Island, Strawberry Fields and the Empire State
20th Apr 2011Greenwich Village, Lower East Side and a Broadway Show
19th Apr 2011Statue of Liberty & an English girl in New York
18th Apr 2011Downtown Manhattan and World Trade Centre site
17th Apr 2011Central Park, Harlem, Times Square and Brooklyn
16th Apr 2011Arrival in New York....wot no accommodation !
Penang, Malaysia & Singapore - 12 Diary Entries
10th Feb 2011A visit to Raffles and Sentosa Island - Final day in Singapore
9th Feb 2011Return to a childhood home and awesome views of Singapore
8th Feb 2011Leaving on a jet plane (to Singapore)
7th Feb 2011Kok Lek Si Temple and a scary bus ride
6th Feb 2011More Malaysian Macaque Monkey Mayhem
5th Feb 2011More jungle trekking, some snakes, and hard rocking
4th Feb 2011Jungle trekking in Penang (and more Macaque Monkeys !)
3rd Feb 2011Chinese New Year in George Town (the continuing adventures of the rabbit and the dragon)
2nd Feb 2011On to Penang Island and Batu Ferringhi
1st Feb 2011Malaysian heavy metal, massive flagpoles and a Public Holiday in the Capital
31st Jan 2011Batu Caves, Chinatown and Petronas Towers
28th Jan 2011Arrival in Malaysia
Rome, Italy - 5 Diary Entries
1st Nov 2010Last day in Rome
31st Oct 2010Colosseum, Roman Forum, Pyramid and Halloween night at Trevi Fountain
30th Oct 2010Vatican City and Italian Catholic Youth Movement
29th Oct 2010Historic Rome and industrial action
28th Oct 2010Arrival in Roma
Bodrum, Turkey - 8 Diary Entries
22nd Jul 2010Last day in Turkey
21st Jul 2010Back to the beach and a sofa
20th Jul 2010Bodrum Castle and a return to Cozzy's
19th Jul 2010Bodrum and an ancient wonder of the world
18th Jul 2010Coastal cruise on a Gulet, and some camels
17th Jul 2010A trip into Bodrum and limbo dancing at a beach party
16th Jul 2010Gumbet Beach and some very big snakes
15th Jul 2010Arrival in Turkey
LA & San Diego, USA - 6 Diary Entries
15th Jul 2010Arrival in Turkey
31st Dec 2008New Years's eve and a return home
30th Dec 2008A day in San Diego
29th Dec 2008South to San Diego
28th Dec 2008Disney and Snow in California
27th Dec 2008Last day in NZ and travel to LA - the longest day
North & South Is, New Zealand - 19 Diary Entries
27th Dec 2008Last day in NZ and travel to LA - the longest day
26th Dec 2008Boxing Day in Wellington
25th Dec 2008Xmas day in Wellington - Beach, Pims and King Kong
24th Dec 2008Xmas Eve in Wellington
23rd Dec 2008From Christchurch, a return to Wellington
22nd Dec 2008Arthur's Pass to Christchurch
21st Dec 2008Franz Josef Glacier to Arthur's Pass
20th Dec 2008North to Franz Josef Glacier
19th Dec 2008Milford Sound - Plane, bus and Kea Birds
18th Dec 2008Glenorchy and Queenstown
17th Dec 2008Thrill seeking in Queenstown
16th Dec 2008Flight south to Queenstown
15th Dec 2008A day out in Wellington
14th Dec 2008To Wellington and a visit with friends
13th Dec 2008South to Turangi
12th Dec 2008Volcanic activity in Rotorua
11th Dec 2008South to Rotorua
10th Dec 2008Arrival in New Zealand
9th Dec 2008Hong Kong to Auckland
Hong Kong - 4 Diary Entries
9th Dec 2008Hong Kong to Auckland
8th Dec 2008Hong Kong - Lantau Island and a big Buddha
7th Dec 2008Second day in Hong Kong
6th Dec 2008Arrival in Hong Kong
Warsaw, & T.Maz, Poland - 6 Diary Entries
6th Dec 2008Arrival in Hong Kong
6th Nov 2008Last day in Poland - return to Warsaw
5th Nov 2008Day 3 in Poland - Tomaszow Maz
4th Nov 2008Day 2 in Poland - Warsaw Old Town, the ghetto, and a trip to Tomaszow Maz
3rd Nov 2008First day in Poland - arrival in Warsaw
21st Oct 2008The dairy begins....

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