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Paul & Tracey's Travels
This is the map of our trip. The red lines show our journey so far, and the dotted lines show our future route. Move your mouse over a larger dot and you can see the name of the stop and date of our arrival. Click a place on the right to change your view. You can see all our stops under the map. World  Africa  Asia  Australasia  C.America  Caribbean  Europe  India  N.America  S.America  S.East Asia  United Kingdom 

Thailand - 5 Stops
1st Feb 2017    Bristol, England United Kingdom
31st Jan 2017    Bangkok Thailand
27th Jan 2017    Tha Ton, Chiang Mai Thailand
22nd Jan 2017    Chiang Mai Thailand
19th Jan 2017    Bangkok Thailand
Netherlands - 4 Stops
28th Feb 2016    Bristol, England United Kingdom
27th Feb 2016    Amsterdam, North Holland Netherlands
26th Feb 2016    Tilburg, North Brabant Netherlands
24th Feb 2016    Amsterdam, North Holland Netherlands
China - 11 Stops
7th Jul 2015    Bristol, England United Kingdom
6th Jul 2015    Hong Kong Hong Kong
5th Jul 2015    Guangzhou, Guangdong China
3rd Jul 2015    Guilin, Guangxi China
1st Jul 2015    Shanghai China
30th Jun 2015    Yichang, Hubei China
28th Jun 2015    Chongqing China
27th Jun 2015    Chengdu, Sichuan China
25th Jun 2015    Lijiang, Yunnan China
23rd Jun 2015    Xi'an, Shaanxi China
19th Jun 2015    Beijing China
Jordan - 10 Stops
18th Jun 2015    Hounslow, England United Kingdom
22nd Feb 2015    Bristol, England United Kingdom
21st Feb 2015    Amman Jordan
19th Feb 2015    Madaba Jordan
19th Feb 2015    Amman Jordan
19th Feb 2015    Jarash, Jerash Jordan
17th Feb 2015    Ma'an Governorate Jordan
15th Feb 2015    Aqaba Jordan
14th Feb 2015    Madaba Jordan
14th Feb 2015    Amman Jordan
Ontario & Quebec, Canada - 6 Stops
4th Oct 2014    Bristol, England United Kingdom
1st Oct 2014    Montreal, Quebec Canada
29th Sep 2014    Ottawa, Ontario Canada
27th Sep 2014    Dorset, Ontario Canada
25th Sep 2014    Bowmanville, Ontario Canada
23rd Sep 2014    Toronto, Ontario Canada
Vietnam,Laos & Cambodia - 12 Stops
20th Feb 2014    Bristol United Kingdom
20th Feb 2014    Heathrow Airport, Greater London United Kingdom
19th Feb 2014    Bangkok Thailand
17th Feb 2014    Phnom Penh Cambodia
14th Feb 2014    Siem Reap Cambodia
12th Feb 2014    Vientiane Laos
8th Feb 2014    Luang Prabang Laos
6th Feb 2014    Hanoi Vietnam
6th Feb 2014    Ha Long Vietnam
5th Feb 2014    Hanoi Vietnam
5th Feb 2014    Bangkok Thailand
3rd Feb 2014    Heathrow Airport, Greater London United Kingdom
Miami, USA - 8 Stops
12th Mar 2013    Bristol United Kingdom
11th Mar 2013    Miami USA
10th Mar 2013    Weston USA
9th Mar 2013    Miami USA
9th Mar 2013    Everglades USA
8th Mar 2013    Miami USA
8th Mar 2013    Key Largo USA
6th Mar 2013    Miami USA
Iceland - 18 Stops
30th Jan 2013    Bristol United Kingdom
29th Jan 2013    Reykjanesb√¶r Iceland
29th Jan 2013    ReykjavŪk Iceland
29th Jan 2013    Grindavik Iceland
27th Jan 2013    Hestvatn
27th Jan 2013    Sk√≥gar, Alftanes Iceland
27th Jan 2013    Reynisfjara
26th Jan 2013    Skaftafell National Park Iceland
26th Jan 2013    J√∂kuls√°rl√≥n
25th Jan 2013    Skaftafell National Park, Kirkjubaejarkaustur Iceland
25th Jan 2013    V√≠k Iceland
24th Jan 2013    Hverager√įi Iceland
22nd Jan 2013    ReykjavŪk Iceland
22nd Jan 2013    Thingvellir Iceland
21st Jan 2013    ReykjavŪk Iceland
21st Jan 2013    Stykkish√≥lmur Iceland
19th Jan 2013    ReykjavŪk Iceland
18th Jan 2013    London Heathrow Airport, Hillingdon United Kingdom
Toronto and Vancouver, Canada - 10 Stops
25th May 2012    Bristol United Kingdom
24th May 2012    Toronto Canada
22nd May 2012    Bowmanville Canada
21st May 2012    Niagara Falls Canada
19th May 2012    Toronto Canada
18th May 2012    Calgary Canada
17th May 2012    Lake Louise Canada
16th May 2012    Kamloops Canada
14th May 2012    Vancouver Canada
12th May 2012    Toronto Canada
Kathmandu,Himalayas,Nepal - 3 Stops
11th May 2012    London Heathrow Airport, Heathrow United Kingdom
10th Feb 2012    Bristol United Kingdom
7th Feb 2012    Kathmandu Nepal
Delhi,Rajasthan & Agra,India - 5 Stops
6th Feb 2012    New Delhi India
4th Feb 2012    Agra India
1st Feb 2012    Jaipur, RŚjasthŚn India
30th Jan 2012    Jodhpur India
27th Jan 2012    New Delhi India
Tromso & Arctic Norway - 2 Stops
4th Nov 2011    Bristol United Kingdom
31st Oct 2011    Troms√ł Norway
Crete - 3 Stops
30th Oct 2011    Heathrow, Hounslow United Kingdom
1st Jul 2011    Bristol United Kingdom
23rd Jun 2011    Gouves Greece
New York, USA - 3 Stops
24th Apr 2011    Bristol United Kingdom
16th Apr 2011    Manhattan, New York USA
15th Apr 2011    Heathrow, Hounslow United Kingdom
Penang, Malaysia & Singapore - 5 Stops
11th Feb 2011    Bristol United Kingdom
8th Feb 2011    Singapore Singapore
2nd Feb 2011    Batu Ferringhi, Batu Feringgi Malaysia
29th Jan 2011    Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
28th Jan 2011    Heathrow, Hounslow United Kingdom
Rome, Italy - 2 Stops
1st Nov 2010    Bristol United Kingdom
28th Oct 2010    Rome Italy
Bodrum, Turkey - 2 Stops
22nd Jul 2010    Bristol United Kingdom
15th Jul 2010    G√ľmbet, G√ľmbet Turkey
LA & San Diego, USA - 5 Stops
2nd Jan 2009    Bristol United Kingdom
1st Jan 2009    London United Kingdom
31st Dec 2008    Los Angeles USA
29th Dec 2008    Coronado USA
27th Dec 2008    Anaheim USA
North & South Is, New Zealand - 11 Stops
23rd Dec 2008    Wellington New Zealand
22nd Dec 2008    Christchurch New Zealand
21st Dec 2008    Arthur New Zealand
20th Dec 2008    Franz Josef Glacier New Zealand
19th Dec 2008    Milford Sound New Zealand
16th Dec 2008    Queenstown New Zealand
14th Dec 2008    Wellington New Zealand
13th Dec 2008    Turangi New Zealand
11th Dec 2008    Rotorua, Bay of Plenty New Zealand
10th Dec 2008    Auckland New Zealand
9th Dec 2008    Kowloon Hong Kong
Hong Kong - 2 Stops
8th Dec 2008    Lantau Peak Hong Kong
6th Dec 2008    Kowloon Hong Kong
Warsaw, & T.Maz, Poland - 6 Stops
5th Dec 2008    London Heathrow Airport United Kingdom
7th Nov 2008    Bristol United Kingdom
6th Nov 2008    Warsaw Poland
4th Nov 2008    Tomasz√≥w Mazowiecki Poland
3rd Nov 2008    Warsaw Poland
21st Oct 2008    Bristol United Kingdom