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Paul & Tracey's Travels
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Paul (26th Jan 2017)
Thanks for the message. We are having a great time as you can see. There are some photos that the keepers took of us in the mud and then the river, so if we can get hold of them, we will put a couple on here!
Rosemary & Graham (25th Jan 2017)
I too love elephants after visiting an elephant sanctuary in Sri Lanka and actually touching and feeding them although we only watched them in the river afterwards and didn't have to join them! As usual we are enjoying your holiday, I like the sound of 'Happy Hour'. Have fun.
Cheers R & G
Paul (28th Jun 2015)
Re Hi
Thanks for the message N&C.We are now on the Yangtze, very hot and humid, and no real internet connection. China is quite a place. Paul
Nick and Cheryl (28th Jun 2015)
We've enjoyed having a really good read of your trip so far, absolutely amazing. Would love to do your travels, the history of China is so interesting. Their current infrastructure (your experience with train travel for example) could be transferrable to the UK! Your meeting the small 'Wild Goose' made us laugh (Tracey connection?). And not too sure about the Muslim stretching and bashing episode. But apart from that a good read. See you soon.
Paul C (22nd Jun 2015)
Re Like the t-shirt
Not come across any music other than the locals playing in the street. Very hot and humid here. Dry so far, but we will definitely be seeing some rain later as we go south as it is moving towards the wet season. Cheers, Paul and Tracey
Sean Marriott (22nd Jun 2015)
Like the AC DC t-shirt
Hi P & T,
It does look pretty hot out there, like the t-shirt mate. Found any local bands yet or is western music band by decree lol
All the best from the Canadian Posse
Paul (20th Feb 2015)
Re misty cold Bristol
Thanks for the message Rob. At the moment I am cut off at The Dead Sea as there is no traffic in or out of the surrounding hills and the capital due to heavy snow falls. Still it is nearly 20c here and sunny so no problem.
Rob (20th Feb 2015)
Missing you from misty cold Bristol
Keep the photos coming, the place looks amazing

Its foggy and cold here and can hardly see Fishponds road, so that's a bonus !!!!

Have fun in the sun. Cheers Rob
Rosemary & Graham (18th Feb 2015)
Hi Paul, what an amazing experience. Your descriptions and photos make us feel as if we're there with you, so informative.
Keep safe.
R & G
Jeanne Smallwood (18th Feb 2015)
Your trip
Really enjoying your photos and blog stay safe Jeanne xx