Diary for Go Hard or Go Home

eXtreme Kem!!!!


well after leaving the outback i set off on a 3day mission via train to Perth on the west coast. I nice place but dull as shit. I went up north to Exmouth to dive the Ningaloo Reef. Then back down south where i nearly froze by arse off. I wen surfing which i rapidly got hooked onto dispite the cold and my frequent nose-diving into the water and like totally wiping out dude.

It was now time to bugger off to New Zealand. This place is stunning, it`s sooooo green, but then maybe i`m just adjusting to grass again after 9months of brown australia. did touristy stuff then did my skydive from 12,000ft. 45 seconds of freefall and 4minutes of decent feel like seconds. but i wasn`t even nervous...maybe i have adeath wish...no really, i then went on to do the Nevis Bungy Jump (look this up on the web). Crazy stuff people. Felt fine until i waddled to the edge to jump. The guy said 1,2,3 then i just jumped, paniced in my head but after that i was in shock for the next 5 or 6 seconds as me and my stomach tried to comprehend what i`d actually done.....so, there we have it, the big 4, SCUBA, SURF, SKYDIVE and BUNGY in the space of 4Weeks.....Sweet as bro.