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Do Not Be Ripped off Regions Auto Parts


Acquired motor for 2001 Ford Ranger on Dec . 28th, 2010 from Regions Auto Parts on order number 157081. Was first told the motor was coming out of a 2001 Ford truck on Region's Auto Parts lot in Tampa Florida, that had rear end damage and the engine was being marketed separately, that the engine had been compression tested, with Mileage: 59,382, for a Quoted Cost: $635.99 with the following various other notation: "We focus in obtaining you the parts you want, for the price you want!" Each of our used parts are examined and guaranteed so you fully understand it will operate the way it should. Additionally, all of our pieces come with a STANDARD 90 DAYS WARRANTY..

My auto mechanic received the engine 1/18/2011 even though Saia shipping company. Upon arrival, the motor ended up being loaded on a pallet, stuck in a tire, with numbers and tags fastened, and is visibly not at all exactly what Regions Auto Parts claimed it to be. The actual engine is completely corroded, to the level that parts of it are falling off. The nuts and bolts are so rusted you can not even see them, the engine's identifying marks are so rusty you cannot examine any numbers other than the numbers that Region's Auto Parts added to the engine, there is an clear oil leak as the motor and head are coated in burnt engine oil, the head gasket is damaged, and my personal auto mechanic said that there is hardly any way this engine merely has 59,382, and just isn't even the correct engine for the pickup truck.

It has been identified that the engine shipped from a placed known as Arthurs Auto Parts in Gaylor Michigan. Upon phoning Arthurs Auto Parts, they advised me that Regions Auto Parts obtained the engine from them based on an online add. That the add stated the engine had 127,000 miles on it and had been sitting in snow melt. None of which was disclosed to me at any point of my dealings with Regions Auto Parts. Instead, these people said the engine was in Florida, had 59,382 miles on it, had been compression examined, and pressure washed, and was in completely working and functional order.

Upon calling Regions Auto Parts, they are happy to refund my money, nevertheless they required me to pay for shipping and a potential restocking fee to send it back to them which I don't feel is fair provided the situation. Regions Auto Parts waive the shipping cost on the original purchase. They have a contract with Unified Shippers for a cheaper rate. The return transport charge is $685.99, which is definitely far more than I paid for the engine. The warranty expires in 60 days, I have a complaint recorded with the BBB, to which Regions Auto Parts keep responding to stating that they will waive the restocking fee and happily refund my money, however , I have to pay for transport. If I pay out for transport, that means I'm financially out more than what I paid for the motor. If I don't return it, then I am out the charge of the motor, and do not have anything I can use, which is a scam to quote someone for something and then to deliver them something else, and have loopholes in the policy that make it extremely hard for the buyer to act on the guarantee and return policy provided. Please assist, I need resolution.

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