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Nascar Pounding Important Facts


Summer's here and the time is right for some serious power auto racing at PIR. Not since 1986 has the NASCAR Camping World West (better known as Winston West) series come to our city's road racing track, and now they're back with an exciting lineup for this weekend's Bi-Mart Salute to the Troops 125.Denny Hamlin came from the middle of the pack to pull of the victory today at MIS in dramatic fashion! Hamlin went off at 10/1 odds today, making him a nice pay out if you were lucky enough to have chosen him as your winner.Let's look first at what doesn't work in the Chase format for NASCAR. By changing the format, www.tecommunications.com/?p=87 - racing comms - effectively made the early part of the season a race to get in the top twelve, not a race for the championship. Drivers don't talk about what they can do to catch the leader, but what they can do to stay in the top twelve. This leads to teams taking fewer chances to win races, as they just need to salvage points. Although wins help in the seeding of teams once the Chase begins, this can lead to teams chasing twelfth, not first. "Points racing" was a component of the previous format, but has become more prominent in the Chase.In NASCAR racing we harvested our first pumpkin crop. In 1984, we harvested our first crop of strawberries. Our pick-your-own operation was well on its way! In 1986, we opened the Market on Route 360. The farm and market have definitely expanded over the past few years. We now grow over 50 varieties of fruits and vegetables. We also have three pick your own seasons and they include strawberries, blackberries, and pumpkins.The path for Allmendinger to NASCAR Sprint Cup, was through open wheel, racing in the now defunct CART Series. Allmendinger contended for a championship in the 2006 CART Series and at one time, rattled off three consecutive wins. At the conclusion of the 2006 season, Team Red Bull approached Allmendinger to race in NASCAR Sprint Cup with their new Toyota team.The company is family-owned and operated with more than 290 locations in 39 states and is currently ranked No. 9 on Forbes' list of America's Largest Private Companies. This week's race is the second of three in which a Front Row car will carry the Love's colors.Now, let's get back to those Goode boys. Aaron married Betty (yes, the same name as his mother) and together they have five children. Richard married Christy and together they also have five children. Aaron, Richard, their mother Betty, and their families are all involved in the day to day operations of the farm and the market. The Goode's have a lot of help on the farm from their friends and other family members. The Goode's remain committed to their roots and will be farming long into the future. After all, farming is in their blood!