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Are you facing any problem related to tax? Solving ax related problems are very difficult. Hence, it is advised that you seek professional help. Being a lay man you won't be able to solve such a difficult case yourself. Whenever you experience any problem related to IRS, you should hire a tax attorney. Experienced attorneys can easily solve a legal issue. Having a lawyer on your side will help you to get rid of the difficulty fast.Take en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia_talk:Private_correspondence/Archive_3 - term described - everything you're told with a grain of salt. Hang out in any local pub, and you'll likely meet disgruntled ex-pats who are disgusted with wherever you are. Also take what they tell you with a grain of salt, but carefully consider both sides of the picture.I have saved the lives of several individuals as a civilian. It is just my nature. I have never smoked, or done drugs. I don't even know the common terms of the drug culture. Most folks consider me a "Goody Goody". Crime, specifically, selling guns to criminals IS not in my make up. I thought I was being a hero to the people of Honduras and I thought it was what my government wanted.Your friend contacted me and said you wanted to give me some information. My response to him was to caution that anything said to me does not enjoy lawyer- www.lebergerac.info/?p=289 - what is Privileged communication - , and while I am committed to protect my sources, going through CorrLinks with its attendant monitoring guarantees there can be no true confidentiality--so with that established, if you wish to proceed, my first question would be: Do you have evidence that any representative of the US government, either from ATF Tampa or any other agency--violated US law and/or ITAR regs and was involved in the illegal transport and transfer of firearms or other ordnance--and if so, did it involve export to any foreign nation, Honduras, or anywhere else?There is a major and simple indicator for realizing the distinction between a consultant and a true coach. More often than not, a consultant in 8 out of 10 chances provides you with answers for your questions. While in contrast coaches will ask you questions to your problems. Furthermore, getting a coach can't be compared to the act of hiring a lawyer. It's not about acquiring an expert to defend you, but it is about an expert that will draw out the best in you.Please read the first link below that David sent you to my story this morning. It covers the distinction between the public face of Castaway and the Honduras gun walking allegations by our sources, which may, or may not, be related. You would do well locally to ask questions on the general subject and not specifically Castaway.In addition to presenting them to the jury, he will likely want to give them to at least one expert witness who will also examine your medical records. This expert witness will be a doctor with appropriate qualifications who can assess whether appropriate care was given. Expert testimony is generally required unless the malpractice was extremely obvious, such as a doctor amputating the wrong limb or something that would be obvious as negligence to a layman.