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A few weeks ago I started getting popup warnings saying that given sites were blacklist when I'd click on a link in my email. I'd then be asked if I was sure that I wanted to go to that site.Since these were sites that I knew to be reputable, I'd click "OK." In many cases, these were sites running special offers for Internet marketing products.After doing some research, and asking questions on discussion forums, I discovered something shocking. The most recent version of Pegasus (the email client) was apparently triggering these warnings when you clicked a link to a site listed in one of the blacklist databases.Further research indicated that Pegasus even went so far as to regularly check for updates to this database. Yes, the software running on your desktop, regularly updated itself by accessing a database of blacklisted sites.A surprising number of MAJOR Internet marketers' sites were in this database. These were sites that had a lot of affiliates who do "silly" things. Some of these were sites that had done major big ticket product launches recently.What caused the problem in the latter category above? Too many affiliates used the url of the affiliate program's site, and there were simply enough complaints to get given sites blacklisted.One of the problems with major product launches is that when www.mylocalservices.com/Michigan/Internet_Service_Provider/20275474/SEOTraverseCity.html - www.mylocalservices.com/Michigan/Internet_Service_Provider/20275474/SEOTraverseCity.html - enough people email for the same promotion, on the same day, then many people can get dozens of emails promoting the same product. This is especially true in the Internet marketing arena where some people subscribe to dozens... even hundreds of ezines. Some of these people out of frustration will file spam complaints!Some of the recent big ticket launches have offered 50% commission on $997 - $1497 products.