Diary for Harry and Judy's RV Trip

Day 7-Sept. 12, 2017-Wasting time in Chattanooga


Day 7-September 12, 2017-Still Raining

Cold, dreary, raining, misting, drizzling most of the day but not a steady downpour.  Only got up to 62

A lot of people are packing up and leaving the campground today, like the people next to us from Beverly Hills.  We called our neighbors just to make sure everything is still OK and they have even taken what food we had left in the freezer down to their freezer (they have a generator).  The kittens were shut up in the house all day yesterday so when they were let out today they ran like their tails were on fire and have been running around the campground all day.  We haven’t seen them though.  We decided to get out of the RV today.  Traffic on 24 East and 75South is terrible, a lot of people are going home today.  We went to Wal-Mart and met a couple from Lake City, FL who are staying in the KOA.  Same as us, they’re waiting to get power at home before they head back.  From there we went to Ringgold, GA and Northgate RV to look at new Reflections and Montanas.   They gave us our own golf cart and let us roam the lot looking at whatever we wanted.  Georgia Winery was only 3 miles away so we stopped in for a tasting and bought a bottle of Dread Head Red which is basically Norton.  Met a couple from St. Cloud, FL who are staying at the Battlefield Campground right behind the winery.  They’re also staying for a few more days.  We then went to Oglethorpe, GA to the Cabela’s just to waste some time.  Came back to the RV for dinner.  The “Check Point” signs and golf carts aren’t at the entrance anymore.  Don’t know if it’s because the hurricane threat is over, the Ironman games are gone or both.