Diary for Long Distance Information

Bling City


Yesterday was all about getting the hire car sorted and driving from LA to Vegas (well, Mike driving and me passengering. Don’t knock it, it’s hard work sitting there 😂) Mike made a great job of the first journey as it’s nerve-wracking to say the least dealing with the traffic in LA.  I made a superb passenger though 😇. Las Vegas is everything they say it is, and probably more; it’s hyperbling on speed. I came here prepared to be a bit snooty  over it but our hotel, The Bellagio, is gorgeous, and I’ve enjoyed myself so much so far it’s made me think that I’m more than a bit shallow myself, but what the heck! The one think Las Vegas has over LA is that it’s honest about wanting your money, and it doesn’t try to sell you a dream that doesn’t exist. In both cities everyone is trying to hustle money from you, but Vegas is upfront about it. Also everyone seems to be having a good time, which is also nice to see. We’re goung to have a go at the tables tonight so I’ll report on that next blog...... if we’ve got any money left, haha!