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No Photos 14th Sep 2011
The Art of the Scarf

In the women's fashion, not an accessory that is often completely overlooked, but can offer endless possibilities to change the appearance of the different pieces in your wardrobe. This accessory, of course,it is the scarf
. Scarves are a part of ladies fashion for many decades, in fact, there are representations of fringed rectangles of fabric sculptures in China dating back to 1000 BC.

In the early 1950s with a scarf was something that evokes a touch of Hollywood glamor, elegance and sophistication. The movie stars like Lana Turner, Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly wore scarves in the same way as the stars of today are so Attractive. Had walked with glasses and scarves look great and mysterious and has one of the end of the garment. The scarves are less today, but remain an important part of a woman's wardrobe.

The shawls are made from different fabrics and a variety of styles - traditional shawls made from silk or wool, but the advent of synthetic fibers are somewhat less likely scarves made from natural fibers. Scarves in many sizes and shapes, and many are designed for specific applications. There are scarves, shawls, scarves, so big scarves square, rectangular scarf, scarves, and triangular. Some scarves around the edges, some with fringed edges and other (primarily made from synthetic fibers) folded edges.

The materials can be used in a variety of forms can, such as head coverings, shawls, accent pieces, ribbons, and even clothes can be used. This relationship can remember with a piece of jewelry, or secured with specially designed muffler bolts. Here are several ways to use, scarves.

Cover your head is one of the traditional goals of scarves that were used. It can be traditional or cultural reasons to protect their heads to protect against the cold or not new hair from the ravages of wind.

One of the less traditional forms of use of scarves is used as clothing. A scarf can be used as a skirt or a blouse. There is also a great thing to wrap the shoulders, if you be a little cold.

Perhaps the most popular application for scarves as a fashion accessory. A scarf can completely change the look add to the normal clothing, and a touch of softness and femininity to a suit. They are versatile as they come in different colors and shapes, and also because they deny the need for jewelry.

For a variety of scarf and clothes that look good with scarves

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