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Yes Oui Si - Ye --> Dui
No Photos 15th Nov 2006 - Biking London to Madrid

Hey Everyone.

Thanks for reading this site... it helps motivate me to leave messages when I know there's somebody out there reading it.
I'm on to a new challenge now. I've outlined and started a creative non-fiction book for one of my journalism classes at UVic, and, surprise surprise, it's about our bike trip from London to Madrid.
What I need you to do is post a message or e-mail me,, and let me know what you thought was interesting or profound or exciting or horrifying about our trip. What really stood out for you? What would you like to see showcased in this book?
I'm gaining a lot of new respect for published authors. Book writing: so far, so hard.

Thanks in advance,


Oh- If anyone is interested in getting copies of any of the pictures on the site, getjealous has a new feature where you can order prints. Or, let me know and I'll get you a copy.

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