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The writings from Ellie Parker
No Photos 8th May 2018
Cooking On Your Outdoor Fire Pit

When serving new kinds of foods to which your guests are not accustomed, it may be best to wait until you're hosting a gathering of many people. When laying a spread of delicious food choices for your friends and family to eat, include two or three different choices of something they many not have tried before, along with the usual offerings. I recently hosted a family event where I included roast lamb. Most loved it, and I was delighted to have added some of my culture to this dinner party.Make a meal plan based on what's on sale that week. If roast beef is on sale, plan a dinner around a slow cooked slow cooked leg of lamb moroccan dinner. If another store has potatoes on sale, plan another night to make potato soup.Remember to watch what you eat. Eating junk food doesn't help anyone feel good, and it's an especially bad idea when your mood is already low from cold, gloomy weather. Be sure you're getting plenty slow cooked leg of lamb protein and good fats in your diet. Good fats are those that have nourished humans for centuries - butter, coconut oil, olive oil, animal fats, and fish oils. Avoid industrial oils like corn oil and soybean oil. Fish oils are especially good at helping lift the mood so try and include seafood in your diet and supplement with cod liver oil.Treat your family to delicious, easy-to-prepare Italian beef sandwiches. Prepare a roast in your slow cooker leg of lamb cooker until it becomes fork tender and is falling apart. Turn off the slow cooker, and place the fully cooked meat in a nine by 13-inch pan. Shred the meat into bite side pieces using two forks. Drain the liquid, and return the meat to the slow cooker. Add enough beef broth to cover the meat and keep it moist. Drain and mix in an 8-ounce jar of either hot or mild banana pepper rings. Serve the meat on crusty rolls or Italian bread.One of the tasks a new mom, a stay-leg of lamb boneless-home mom, or a woman easing back into the workforce with part time hours may find is that she does not have time for anything. Moms needs to use their time management skills.Meanwhile I'm wondering: If I seriously thank that lamb for having made the ultimate sacrifice for my Easter pleasure, will I be able to relish what's put on my plate? All this talk of lamb and it's developed a personality.

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