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236 Diary Entries
5th Aug 2018Schwantlen Down Under 2005 to 2018
15th Dec 2017Getting ready to splash
31st Mar 2017$1300 Wireless Headphones???
30th Mar 20176 weeks
10th Mar 2017Falls Revival
1st Sep 2016USA 2016
23rd Aug 2016Thailand it is
17th Jul 2016Virtues????
5th Jun 2016Critters and Critical Work
4th Jun 2016FOF
2nd Jun 2016WHY ????
22nd May 2016Project splash....up the stick
15th Nov 2015Happy Thanksgiving!
1st Nov 2015Spring is coming
21st Sep 2015A coke or a beer?
20th Aug 2015Written in the sand at low tide
26th Jul 2015Whole hog
21st Jul 2015VHF cord repair
13th Jul 2015Sanity is questionable
6th Jul 2015On top of things.
1st Jul 2015Track installation
29th Jun 2015Moving forward
21st Jun 2015Anchor up?
17th Jun 2015Give it a go!
10th Jun 2015Jim's the MAN !!
8th Jun 2015Holy S###!!!
6th Jun 2015On the hard....still..June, 2015
19th Nov 2014Sailing Again
17th Aug 2014American English it is
16th Aug 2014I promise, last "just Japan"
15th Aug 2014It's just Japan
14th Aug 2014Just Japan
10th Aug 2014Check out the toilet
9th Aug 2014Saigon
8th Aug 2014Mekong Delta
25th Jul 2014Finally, Phu Quoc
20th Jul 2014Viva Vietnam
17th Jul 2014Goodbye Cambodia
13th Jul 2014Climbing in Kampot
9th Jul 2014An Amazing Mast
7th Jul 2014Boating up to Battambang
6th Jul 2014You strong for old lady
5th Jul 2014Getting stoned at Angkor Wat
2nd Jul 2014Please, just get me to Siem Reap
14th Jun 2014Kicking back in Cambodia
27th May 2014Quit your bitchin!
18th May 2014As luck would have it!
8th May 2014Cleaning the wench, no, no I mean WINCH!
26th Apr 2014Do not monkey around
21st Apr 2014Is it by land or by sea?
18th Apr 2014Gray Haired Backpacker
14th Apr 2014Keep on rolling!
7th Apr 2014The First Great Commandment
4th Apr 2014Hallelujah
1st Apr 2014Do you read TRIP ADVISOR?
30th Mar 2014I didn't eat that French fry?
26th Mar 2014Another critter
25th Mar 2014This a Gecko???
23rd Mar 2014Another day another dollar
22nd Mar 2014To our BFAs
21st Mar 2014Acronym for BOAT
17th Mar 2014Starting boat projects
16th Mar 2014Crusing friends
14th Mar 2014Playing tourist
12th Mar 2014Life in Langkawi
8th Mar 2014Off to Malaysia
3rd May 2013Cover up
30th Apr 2013South Island Finale
5th Apr 2013South Island Adventure
24th Mar 2013Group Tramping
20th Mar 2013South Island Hiking, 101
7th Nov 2012Cheering from Schwantlen
3rd Nov 2012Washington
29th Oct 2012California
18th Jun 2012Less like a SHED !
16th Jun 2012Emotional rollercoaster !!!
11th Jun 2012Showers Unlimited
21st May 2012Roof extension 101
13th May 2012NZ Mothers Day 2012
31st Mar 2012LOGGING
29th Mar 2012Dan & Mary have a ROCKY day.
19th Mar 2012NZ Snow Day ????
6th Mar 2012Still Dreaming --- progressing repairs
4th Mar 2012Mosaic Mary
1st Mar 2012Boat shed floor for Schwantlen Down Under
28th Feb 2012We be pumped.
17th Feb 2012The DESTINATION not the journey
13th Feb 2012Mast dance in the jumble
9th Feb 2012Plodding along, Malaysian style.
6th Feb 2012Waitang Day in New Zealand
5th Feb 2012The long way home
4th Feb 2012She's in !!!
1st Feb 2012Friday = Sunday
29th Jan 2012Chaos = Progress
28th Jan 2012She's down / She's out !!
27th Jan 2012Rigging revealed
23rd Jan 2012Lock Down in Langkawi
21st Jan 2012Moving forward.
20th Jan 2012Friday---Start day
18th Jan 2012Tow & Pull for Still Dreaming
13th Jan 2012SD-Adventure / Miss-Adventure---Back to the boat
23rd Oct 2011Need a few days break--Spring in October
29th Jul 2011Winter vacation
4th Jul 2011Winter in NZ
23rd Mar 2011To steep of a driveway
22nd Feb 2011All is well at our home.
3rd Feb 2011I can work in NZ
20th Nov 2010Just another day!
27th Oct 2010Life in NZ
6th Sep 2010All is perspective
30th Aug 2010Spring is coming, we think
22nd Aug 2010This is winter?????
14th Jul 2010Interviewed in Kochi
27th Jun 2010Home in New Zealand
24th Jun 2010Leaving India
29th May 2010Monsoon cover
21st May 2010Kochi, India end of the rally
19th Apr 2010Sailing to Mumbai
3rd Apr 2010Getting ready to set sail
30th Mar 2010Wandering through the Wadi
29th Mar 2010Motoring to Muscat
27th Mar 2010The picture tells the story
19th Mar 2010Oh Man, we be in Oman
9th Mar 2010Yeah for Yemen
5th Mar 2010The people make the country
26th Jan 2010Sailing to Sudan
14th Jan 2010Egads, still exiting Egypt
11th Jan 2010Exiting Egypt
1st Jan 2010Pushing it to Petra
21st Dec 2009Boating on the Nile
20th Dec 2009A Glimpse of Ancient Eqypt
13th Dec 2009Holiday in Hurghada
5th Dec 2009Snorkle with the boys
1st Dec 2009Endeavour Harbor anchorage---Egypt
28th Nov 2009Sinai Thoughts---Red Sea--Egypt
25th Nov 2009Red Sea--First Fish-& Anchorage
17th Nov 2009Suez Canal---Second half
15th Nov 2009The Pyramids
13th Nov 2009Suez Canal Pilot
11th Nov 2009Welcome to Egypt
4th Nov 2009Notes from Cyprus
31st Oct 2009Cyprus---Oct 31, 2009
27th Oct 2009Animal Rescue------Lebanon
25th Oct 2009Hurrah! A day off the boat away from water
23rd Oct 2009Welcome to Lebanon
10th Oct 2009Rally underway
9th Oct 2009A few more notes on Greece
18th Sep 2009Killing time / keeping busy--Alanya, Turkey
16th Sep 2009Jahr Day--Alanya, Turkey
10th Sep 2009Preparation to set sail
28th Aug 2009Quiet day in the anchorage
29th Jul 2009It is the journey not the destination???
26th Jul 2009Off to Greece part I
18th Jul 2009Life in Finike
7th Jul 2009Living off the grid
6th Jul 2009A walk along the Med
29th Jun 2009Marina life in Finike
24th Jun 2009Kushadasi, friends, and buses
22nd Jun 2009Troy
20th Jun 2009Gallipoli
19th Jun 2009Istanbul
13th Jun 2009Leaving Michigan, June of 2009
5th May 2009Alaska clamming
24th Apr 2009Alaska in the high-chair April 2009
13th Feb 2009U.P. Weekend get-away Feb 09--------------
6th Feb 2009Dan the Driving Man / Fool ???
15th Jan 2009Michigan Winter 101
20th Dec 20082008 Holiday's in Michigan
10th Dec 2008Kitchen / Galley Dec. 2008
25th Nov 2008Tacking to the USA
16th Oct 2008Checking in and out
3rd Oct 2008Anchoring---Turkey style
26th Sep 2008Over to Rhodes Greece and back to Marmaris
24th Sep 2008Small Jump
18th Sep 2008Will she go POP !!!
12th Sep 2008Swinging on the hook
23rd Aug 2008Together Again in Turkey
26th Jul 2008Phantom followers----That means Y O U
14th Jul 2008Travels with Mr Cheap---Nz to Turkey--July 2008
25th Jun 2008Leaving NZ
16th Jun 2008Andy & Mirjam -- Our Swiss Kids
22nd May 2008Big 60 --- BIGGER SURPRISE !!!!
7th May 2008NZ--Road Kill Stew
5th May 2008Musseling 101
3rd Apr 2008Dan & Mary---Pass the Silver Anniversery in NZ
28th Mar 2008The Birthday Gift
25th Mar 2008South island seals
25th Jan 2008NZ----back home again Feb. 08
24th Dec 2007Florida, California, New Zealand
13th Dec 2007FROM OWOSSO
5th Dec 2007Wonderful Holidays to ALL
19th Nov 2007Hattie wins Turkey Trot !!!
24th Sep 20070 to 3 in 2
27th Aug 2007EVA WEBSTER---
23rd Aug 2007Cappadocia Area, Turkey
22nd Aug 2007Switzerland
9th Aug 2007Making Progress----SLOWLY !!!
31st Jul 2007FINALLY WET
29th Jul 2007A great time in Holland
25th Jul 2007Communications a 2 way street
14th Jul 2007Radio check ----- NOT !!!
13th Jul 2007FIRE---up that Evenrude !!!!
11th Jul 2007Passive exercise
10th Jul 2007Life on the hard
17th May 2007Berlin
15th May 2007The wrong turns on Corfu
12th May 2007Very nice in Venice
1st May 2007European adventures---Greece
20th Apr 2007Life in the marina in Marmaris Turkey
7th Apr 2007Goodbye USA, hello Still Dreaming----Turkey
5th Apr 2007Win-link dummie ( plug and play it is NOT!!! )
29th Mar 2007Lode-er-up. Move-um-OUT !!! Corunna, Michigan, USA
13th Mar 2007Goodbye SPARTY !!!
6th Mar 2007IT'S A BOY !!! Eli Michael Brazaski
10th Jan 20072007 Michigan's last winter for us.
22nd Dec 20062006 Holiday Letter
10th May 20062006 Work Camp Down Under---NZ
5th Aug 20052005 New Zealand diversion.
4th Jul 20052005 Nora -- Turkey & Greece
20th Nov 200404 Holiday Letter
10th Jun 200404 - the COOL IT SUMMER !
4th Jul 20032003 the Swiss connection.
28th Feb 2003Good-bye Lifes Dream or How to deal with a NUT !!
28th Aug 2002Sailing in the Mediterranean SeaSailing in the Mediterranean Sea
20th Aug 2002Balearic Islands, Spain
1st May 2002Gibraltar -- Gateway to the Med.
24th Jan 2002First Grandchild
15th Dec 20012001 Holiday letter to all.
15th Sep 2001Europe by car
15th Jul 2001Azores ( After years of dreaming of this place )
26th Jun 2001Shake down Norfolk, Virginia USA to Azores
10th Oct 2000Still Dreaming boat specs
10th Oct 2000Our new boat / home
17th Aug 1996Cutting the dock lines

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