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1st Sep 2016 - 1st Oct 2016
USA 2016

USA, six week trip planned, lots to do.  Had a nice visit with brother, Jon and husband, Stephan. Exhausted, reached their home in Rancho Mirage, CA only to find no one home. They thought we were coming in the next day. Could this have been a foreshadowing of things to come?

Onto Michigan to be with family. Dan was stung by a zillion yellow jackets after stepping on the ground nest while sawing dead tree limbs. Once the swelling subsided, a week of the flu. Finally with Dan better again, we drove to see good friends, the Larson family, whom we met in Turkey. Had a great time with them in Eau Claire WI. Upon leaving, I felt a bit congested. A week of progressively getting worse culminating in a hospital stay of three days with pneumonia. Are we having fun yet? Did make it to Dan’s 50th HS reunion which was nicely done and a treat for me to hear about my Dan in his teens from his childhood friends.

So with that, it was a joy to be with the friends we were able to connect with and family. Sadness for the friends we had to miss. We are blaming the illnesses on the timing of the insane election and political climate in the US.

Presently in Langkawi Malaysia, at our resort room in the woods not far from the boat. Projects are coming slowly but progressing. I have been writing that line for at least two years. BUT!!!! we have a splash date of November 6. Fingers crossed.

One short tale of life in Langkawi. We are testing the new engine which has been started only once. Dan brings the long hose up into the boat to run water through the intake water strainer getting water through the diesel engine so it does not over heat. I am at the helm. Start the engine, it runs, all gauges operating, water correctly flowing out the transom exhaust hole, smiles! Stop the engine by pressing the stop button. Engine does not stop! Frowns and ()(*^**(*)*%^&*! I keep running the water through the engine while Dan races to the office to get find someone who was supposed to correctly hook up the engine. Did get a Malay worker who helped with engine installation.  He stopped the engine by pressing a lever, very inaccessible.  The phrase is “know your boat.” Now before we set sail, need to have the proper connection completed to stop the engine correctly, with Dan having to stand over the electrician’s shoulder. My wonderful husband looks at it as that we now know where the alternative shut off is located. I love him!

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Diary Photos

Arrival in Michigan

Dock setting

New OHS entrance

Library entrance

Best mate

Owosso house

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