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30th Mar 2017
6 weeks

SD was in the water for only 6 weeks. After 6 years out of the water she didn't complain. Sailing again. What do they say, like riding a bicycle? Dan falling in the water with the full propane bottle and his phone. The propane bottle was fine, the phone....gurgle,gurgle,dead. Mary jumping in the water swimming after the dinghy was on its way to Thailand since she did not properly tie it to the cleat. Dodging fish nets, checking anchor at all hours of the night, fluky winds, ..... are we ready for this again? Oh,then the beautiful anchorages, the sunsets, the times when the wind was perfect. Most importantly, being on SD as she was saying thank you for the new sails, the new to us prop, new engine, new rigging, new dodger, new binimi, new AIS system, and the list goes on. Only a short 6 week adventure, however to be continued next November.

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Diary Photos

Tense moments

Retrieving the dinghy

She floats

Kayaks were happy to be floating also

Did I mention a new dinghy


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