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Maksim (26th Mar 2018)
Join the crew
Hi, Dan and Mary!
Found your ad on, very interested! Where are you now and is there an opportunity to join to your crew for April (approximately from 02 to 25 April)?

I am from Belarus, 39 years old, IYT Bareboat Skipper. There is an experience of yachting in Montenegro, Turkey, Thailand. I understand in mechanics, repair work. I will take full part in the management, night watches, cleaning and cooking.

Now I'm preparing to travel from May 15 to September 15 from Phuket to New Caledonia. I will be happy to help you with your transition! Also it will be a good experience for me for the future journey.

I speak Russian and speak English. Positive, open to communication and exchange of experience. I have a guitar, I like to play and sing songs. I will be happy to join the crew and contribute to an unforgettable journey! )))

Good luck!

WhatsApp: +375 33 347 45 20
Thai number: +66 93 753 62 90
Sandy (16th Dec 2017)
Big snow
Great to see you gays are afloat!
We are quite snowed in here at Schwantlen Switz - the snow is more than Finn-deep!!!
Mia loves the sled rides and is getting ready to sleep in her igloo
Wish you all the best for the sail out and merry x-mas on the waves.
Sandy & Chrigi
Duffy (12th Mar 2017)
Nice to be reading your blog again!
Well as always I so look forward to your updates! The handy Dan has come through again. Loved seeing the prints for deck with hot tub too. We are expecting snow here on Tuesday 3/14 and of course amounts are anywhere from 4-24". Maybe I should try going back to school to be a meteorologist! Only kidding we all try our best. Anyway enjoy your pond and fish and be sure to have a cold one for me on St. Paddy's Day!!
Laurie difatta (13th Nov 2016)
Contacting you
Made an attempt to reach you through the "yearbook" for the reunion - wondering if you received it as I did not hear from you. Hoping this reaches you. My email:
cherubshome@aol. Hope we can chat soon!
Duffy (30th Oct 2016)
Departure date
Well as always even through rough waters you find the silver lining. Glad your stay in the USA was good but sorry to hear all the health issues. I hope your sailing date is a lucky one for you! It was for me, that is Kelly's birthday!!! this is the big 21!!! Wow does time fly. Safe sailing and keep it coming. Also keep your motors running smoothly!!!!
Duffy (23rd Aug 2016)
Finished projects
Oh I hope those projects are finished by the time you return! Eye tuck wow - hope you liked the outcome!!! I'm sure the price was right. Thailand looks great. I was there many many years ago - probably when I was 10 or 11 and remember all those temples and Budda's. Enjoy the rest of your stay!!
Pat Ryback (6th Jun 2016)
Enjoying your posts - adds interest to my old age and also keeping connected to a part of my past life!
Duffy (5th Jun 2016)
Nice neighbor!
Hello! I have been following all the posts but am only getting to my laptop now to respond. Looks and sounds like all is still in the right perspective! Work Hard and Play Hard. The projects seem to be too high, too tight and ongoing! I know that you both enjoy it though, Mary got out of wax on and wax off. I'm sure it would have been great PT!
Anyway, always great hearing about and seeing your adventures. Stay healthy!!!

Dennis (3rd Jun 2016)
30 second
Probably never heard of, nor is available where your living.
Product 30 is on line, check it out. Planning on bottom paint? Got your last mail.
Robyn (3rd Jun 2016)
Good tip
Funny how you guys are scrubbing black streaks on the hull and we are on the decks. I will try the white vinegar and Bakingsoda cleaner system. Also good on brass but other way round. Make a paste of BS and water and paint it into your brass fittings. Then squirt a fine mist of white vinegar on and let it fizz and wipe off. Beats polishing.