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No Photos 21st Sep 2016
How to Learn HTML by Cherie Ang

HTML is the abbreviation for HyperText Markup Language. It is a special code used for the creation of websites, and most Web designers know it, or they know a program that creates HTML for them. HTML can be a little frustrating and difficult to actually understand.Steps 1. HTML reads left to right. First, you have to understand tags. Tags are placed at the beginning of whatever you want to change. If you wanted to - Web Designers - make a word bold, you'd put a tag at the beginning of the word, and at the end. 2. Tags begin with a less-than sign: . What goes inside the is the tag. Learning HTML is learning the tag to perform whatever - Web Designers - you want to do. Usually, the tag at the end has a / before the greater sign. For example: Hello - Every tag should begin with an opening and closing - Web Design - tag. If a tag only does not specifically use a closing tag [such as or , which will you see below], then the tag should end with a slash inside of the tag. Thus, the previous tags would be written as and , respectively. - The tag for a paragraph is . - The tag for bold is or . - The tag for italics is or . - In HTML, the tag must be placed around the code. - The tag for a break (skip in the line, hitting to hitting "enter" on the keyboard) is . - The tag is always around the text. 3. By now, you can write HTML using tags. But what if you - Word Press Designers - want more? Here's some more - redesign - codes: To insert images: To resize images: (size is adjustable) Linking images: 4. There are many websites that explain HTML more in-depth. Some good sites are and 5.Every HTML page start with and end with . It will tell the server that it is a html page.

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