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25th Jun 2018
The Country Music Hall of Fame

Not a lot to report today. We went into Nashville and visited the Hall of Fame. It was very  interesting and despite not being huge country fans we spent a good couple of hours there looking round. It’s set out on three levels, although the ground floor is reception and shops. We started on the top level, and this was the most engaging to me as it dealt with the roots of country music and there were some special sights, including Elvis’s gold Cadillac and some eye-popping outfits. My favourite exhibit of all was Carl Perkin’s blue suede shoes. I couldn’t believe they actually exist. I didn’t take many photos, no point as most of this stuff can be seen online anyway, but those shoes impressed me. I did take a photo of them, but the site is playing up today and I can’t upload it. The floor below was about the 70s onward. It’s strange to see times of your own life considered as eras of history. This floor drew me less than the floor above. 

That was the sum total of our adventures today - but we’ve got a full schedule tomorrow, more of which later. 

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