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S/V Priscilla
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Laura and Mark (23rd Mar 2016)
Good to hear from you
Hooray, you made it to Cuba. So glad you are there. Too bad you can't invite Obama and Michelle over for sundowners.

Carol ward (22nd Mar 2016)
Hi Tom and Suzie
Like Audrey I am jealous. Post lots of pics of Cuba. Have fun! Carol
Audrey (28th Feb 2016)
Oh, I am jealous! Not about sailing but about going to Cuba. Post lots of photos.
Carol ward (28th Feb 2016)
Have a great time. any word on fidelity?
Wayne-o (4th Dec 2015)
Enjoy Cuba. I have a distant memory of having consumed the first beer of my life whilst nearing the end of my Youngster (Mid'n) cruise, summer of ought55, sitting atop a shack that may have been the Gitmo O Club, one of which I just learned yesterday are a thing of the past, overtaken by political correctness. I do hope the people you meet will be smarter and nicer than we Americans have become.
Gerry (26th Nov 2015)
The Old gang
Suzie and Tom: We will miss you both at the annual ESB get together in Bethesda!!
Patty & Wayne-o (11th Nov 2015)
Here we go again!!!
Well, break a leg, y'all! You'vee actually been longer ashore than I thought you would, 'cause the Call of the Sea Siren is a sweet one. Always remember that the sea is so large and your ship, small. Have respect for Neptune. Go with God! And lots of other advisements and well wishes. In summary: enjoy and be safe. Until next time ...
Audrey (25th Jun 2013)
Just heard from Alice today and started thinking about you. What an adventure you have had! Would love to hear from you.
Shirley (Heimer) Hill (21st May 2013)
Tom & Suzy
Re-sending as evidently my other message did not take! Lost touch with you both & found your site when updating my computer. Are you still traveling? Love you are following your dream and seeing the world! Larry and I are traveling some but not as much as you! (21st May 2013)
Tom & Sue
Hi guys! Lost touch with you both when I retired and so just reading your new (to me) site. Are you still traveling? Sounds like you did exactly what you planned and followed your dream. So proud of you both! Shirley & Larry (one your "old" GITMO buddies).