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No Photos 18th Jan 2016
Arts & Entertainment :: ANDROID will be the main Alternatives to iPad 2

Beside most of these tablets are not from well know manufacturers and it haven't been able to compete with the popular Apple iPad 1 and 2. So unless these manufacturers decide to come up with more appealing marketing techniques more apps that enhances lifestyle with use of the tablet and, most importantly, featuring better specs which are also competitively priced, then we'll soon be seeing an excess of Android tablets. However, while the Apple tablet has been leading the market as the ultimate mobile internet device , a number of equally interesting and featured - tablets with Android OS have also been making waves for user who look for compatibility with their smartphones.The much-anticipated iPad 2 has been launched around the world , with some people queuing overnight at major Applestore just to get their hand on for this remarkable Hot GizmoAccording to recent findings from China, the biggest factory and mother source for world tablets , there are over hundreds of competitors battling on a Global market where only about 40 million units are in demand globally , so this is very likely going to lead to over production and causing stock surplusWith all the these available models in the tablets world , they will add up and almost put Android Tablets on Par with iPad in terms of market share ,which means Google has as many android users using android Tablet and smartphone in world ,and is consider the leading major driving force in commonizing of Android OS as the Gadget Preferred operating system , with the niche advantage based on it open programming concept , that even Tech television manufacturers like Samsung will be using Android OS for their Samsung@Internet TV and Divico has embed Android programming system for their new Multimedia player systemThis confirm that's many more Android tablets will be launched in near future, as it's potential is almost as large as the handphone but with wider application capabilities as it serves as the perfect Mobile Internet device, where user can use as a telephone with built-in camera , a ebook reader, Personal data manager Diary ,a Gamer device , etc and is definitely a useful device for this new era.But are these Android tablets having the intended success? From the rate of high competition , these manufacturers are at risk of being left with excess stock , and some could never be sold as rate of New Upgrade models with faster chipset or better touchscreen technology will replace older modelsAndroids tablets has since catch up in terms of user operational friendliness with a good degree of reliability in use and programming accessibility . Such open features allow its operating system to be used by many tablets manufacturers, both Big and small tech companies like Motorola - Xoom , HTC- Flyer , Samsung -Galaxy Tab ,Panasonic -Viera , Dell-Streak , Viewsonic- Viewpad 7 , Toshiba, Lenovo , Asus, , , and many even unknown manufacturers all around the world like , Eken , Archos , Smartdevices,WT ,Aigo ,ePad, Aigo , Enso etc ,,just to name a few .

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