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Oh.......we do love to travel
No Photos 31st May 2012 - USA then Sydney
Chicago here we come!!!

Last day in Hawaii and we wondered around the shops and cafes.....had dinner at our 'favourite' place on the beach front 'Shore Birds'. I was wearing a shirt from 2011 world cup 'All Blacks' and had a guy that asked me if that was a Wallabies shirt! How dare he!!! So what did I do......well before I could even think.......I up and slapped him! Which only caused him to laugh and kiss me!! Well I never.....(He was quite nice actually) but talk about being caught off guard. Apparently his mate who a Kiwi said to say that and then warned him that I would deck him.....well lucky for him at the last minute I pulled my slap.....otherwise his face would have been extremely red! Anyhow he came up to us a while later and had the cheek to tell me I slapped like a girl........well I am so there!!! Anyway, moving on, we enjoyed the warm Hawaii day and once we reached Chicago we realised just how lucky we were to have had such a warm was only 9degrees. We did have a short stop in Phoenix, Arizona and it looked very much like Perth I think. As we flew out though I noticed crop circles..........well, there were circles where they obviously had sprinklers set up and they were all green and around them was all brown and looked like a desert.....we changed planes here and it was already 80F at would get up to over 110F later during the day..........HOT.
Anyway, getting back to Chicago.........we arrived here later in theday, about 1.30pm. We noticed a plane on the runway surrounded by emergency engines, ambulance....the works. Apparently a small jet had been clipped by a cargo plane and they had to ensure all was well and no fuel spilt etc before they could be stood down........Oh what fun. Once we arrived at our hotel I had to admit to the fact that a migraine was creeping up on me and so I was not a fun person on the first night. We went off to to The Excelsior for dinner.....a great choice and so cheap after expensive Hawaii. The next morning was no better for this girl and I had to stay in bed till 11am before I felt well enough to hit the streets and then it was actually dare it!!! To make it worse when Phillip and I got on the explorer bus it was so steamed up we could hardly see out.....oh well that happens. We did however manage to meet up with Peter and Sandra at the No.9 easy feat I tell you!! Off for a lunch, bought some brollies and off to explore again. The buildings are magnificent....the Library looked so stately we thought it to be a museum at first!

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