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Paget's Big Adventure
3 years and 13 countries later, we are now settled in south-west France for the foreseeable future. 16 months on the road, 19 months with Ted, Jemima, Tess and the gang at Simon's, we are all grown up again with our own new (old!) house and all the ups and downs that go with owning a 'rustic' home in a foreign country... We have new hens and a new dog and are ready for our next adventure.
Our latest 5 diary entries

1st Oct 2015 - 8th Jan 2016
Christmas was coming and the Gerts were getting fat...
Goose Gate:  ... and aggressive. The Gerts turned out to be Georges and grew to grand proportions.  We decided not to get them oven ready ourselves given the size of the pot needed and the daunting task of...
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24th Jul 2015 - 3rd Oct 2015
Grand Sites of the Midi-Pyrenees
Since the students have left us, we've donned our tourist caps and ticked off a few of the local attractions.  The Sherwood's visit was a typical week of French whimsicalities - a visit to Samatan, fa...
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17th Apr 2015 - 28th Jul 2015
How will we ever be able to eat the Gerts?
We thought chicks were cool, then runner ducklings cooler, but now we realise that goslings are the coolest!  (Apparently turkeys are the ultimate, but we haven't been there yet).  So big and precoc...
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4th Mar 2015 - 16th Apr 2015
Patience, patience
What do we do all day?  We often ask ourselves the same question.  Nothing ever seems to be finished here.  We went to the bank to open savings accounts and we still weren't sure what we'd don...
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20th Jan 2015 - 3rd Mar 2015
Bleak Bleak Mid-Winter
For most of the year, we count our blessings that we're lucky enough to live here and relish the life we lead, but about February time every year, we suddenly find ourselves banging around the dark house, cu...
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