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CarrollCrawford71 blog
No Photos 3rd Jan 2018 - 3rd Feb 2018
Electric Cars For 2009, 2010 And 2011

When you break gently, coast, or decelerate, the hybrid electric motor works in reverse. It is now converting kinetic energy into electric energy as a generator. The process used to charge the battery is known as regenerative braking. This process charges the battery pack, which eliminates any need to ever plug the car in for charging. By the way, a hybrid car can't be plugged in to charge the battery. That isn't part of its design.

Even though the range they can travel between charges is increasing as battery technology gets better. These cars are still not suitable for everyone. If you have to drive many hundreds of miles daily an electric vehicle may not suit your needs. However you can still improve your motoring costs by switching to a hybrid vehicle.

Change tires at the right time each season: Change your all seasons to winter tires once the temperature drops to 7 degrees celsius in the late fall. Changing over sooner means you'll be prematurely wearing the rubber with the warmer weather. Change them back to all seasons once the snow has gone and temperatures are going above 7 degrees because again, you'll be prematurely wearing them out by keeping them on too long into the spring.

Who doesn't love a sports car? A brand new version to the ever changing Camero will soon be on the streets. Powered with a Cadillac engine this car is said to be very fast. It is said to be able to rival competitors BMWs and Porches.

Owners of the new Nissan Leaf will be able to view their battery remotely and know how much power they have and can easily find out where they can recharge and what it will cost. With electric car production increasing across the board, this kind of app will definitely be useful for drivers.

J.D. Power sets the average age of Compass purchasers at 42, compared to Jeep's 43, with women accounting for faintly over half of Compass sales, up from 38.6 percent for Jeep overall. "Our information is proving that our decision to build both of the vehicles - the Compass and the Patriot, with the great fuel efficiency, the fun-to-drive capability and making them affordable - was the right decision," Heber said.

Typically, a factory made EV will cost about $35,000 but many of the electric cars we see around are home made conversions. These are cars that once used gasoline and have been converted to electric.

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